8-8 Portal Activation with the Goddess and Ascended Masters


8-8 Portal Activation with the Goddess and Ascended Masters

The Lionsgate Portal happens just once a year. The powerful energies at this time opens a galactic portal that sends high vibrational energy to Earth. We can tune in to this incredible energy to connect with the Divine, receive incredible healing, and manifest our deepest desires.

This is the perfect time to clear out anything that has been holding you back. This portal activation will also give you a boost to powerfully manifest anything you want!

Karen Ruimy, with the Goddess and Ascended Masters, will be leading this energy activation. Come join us on this high vibe session of heart chakra healing, third eye awakening, light sourcing, and abundance manifestation!

Here’s why you can’t miss this event:

🌟Once-A-Year Opportunity: You will receive activation from the energy of Sirius, and be guided by the Great Goddess Isis. You will experience a beautiful light sourcing process of bliss, love and joy.

🌟Receive New Light Codes: You will receive new Light Codes in your Matrix of Energy. Your Higher Self will be ignited so you can access your sacred information.

🌟Healings and Awakenings: As you source light from the Lionsgate Portal, there will be a deep heart chakra healing that will clear out any blocks, and the awakening of your third eye to channel Divine wisdom.

🌟Manifest Your Desires: Prepare your plans as you will bring them up to the light of the Lionsgate Portal. It will create a massive shift in you and illuminate your path to transformation.

🌟Alignment With Your Divine Self: With the high energy of this event, Karen and the Ascended Masters will help you connect with your Higher Self. You can bring this with you even after the Lionsgate Portal opening.

This is a rare opportunity for you to be in alignment with the opening of a galactic portal – a Divine Light Activation like no other!

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