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8-8 Portal Activation with the Goddess and Ascended Masters


Don’t miss this chance to receive light codes and sacred information during the Lionsgate Portal Activation!

The Lionsgate Portal happens just once a year. The powerful energies at this time open a galactic portal that sends high vibrational energy to Earth. We can tune in to this incredible energy to connect with the Divine, receive incredible healing, and manifest our deepest desires.

This is the perfect time to clear out anything that has been holding you back. This portal activation will also give you a boost to powerfully manifest anything you want!

Karen Ruimy, with the Goddess and Ascended Masters, will be leading this energy activation. Come join us on this high vibe session of heart chakra healing, third eye awakening, light sourcing, and abundance manifestation!

Experience a Light Activation Like No Other

This is a time that you get to come back to yourself and listen to the true callings of your soul. It’s a time that you can give to yourself in order to fulfill your dreams. You will be able to experience the blissful energies of Creation and use that energy to manifest.

Here’s the energy work that transpires through this event.

Divine Light Activation

You will receive activation from the energy of Sirius. The Great Goddess Isis will also be leading this energy to create deep healing work. You will experience a beautiful light sourcing process of bliss, love and joy.

Receive New Light Codes

You will receive new Light Codes in your Matrix of Energy. You gain a boost of powerful energy that will elevate your consciousness, and help you manifest on a whole new level. Your Higher Self will be ignited so you can access your sacred information.

Working on Your Dreams

Prepare your prayers and spiritual plans for this occasion as you will bring them up to Source. It will create a massive shift in you – giving you knowledge and wisdom about your path to transformation.

Alignment With Your Divinity

With the high energy of this portal activation, it’s the perfect time to experience an alignment with your Divine Self. You can bring this with you even after the Lionsgate Portal opening, giving you the empowerment you need to transform everything in your life.

This is an incredibly powerful work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

Receive Light Codes from the Lionsgate Portal and Embody Divine Energy

Tte 8-8 Portal happens just once a year – on the 8th day of the 8th month. It is activated by the numerology of 8/8, the Sun during Leo season, and the rising of the star Sirius.

The combination of these powerful energies opens a galactic portal, which sends high vibrational energy to Earth. We can tune in to this incredible energy to connect with our Higher Self, manifest what we desire, and do energy work for ourselves.

A Rare Opportunity to Recreate Yourself and Manifest Your Dreams

If you have been looking for the perfect time to lay out all your plans and dreams on paper, there’s no better time to do it other than the activation of the Lionsgate Portal. In this Light Activation session, you can do manifestation work to transmute energies and see your dreams come to reality.

In this session, set your pure intentions and offer them to the Divine. This incredible energy work will allow you to manifest love, abundance, happiness and success with incredible speed!

Tuning Into the High Creative Energies of the Universe

Aligning yourself to the Lionsgate 8-8 Portal will help you receive new light codes in your Matrix of Energy. You will get access to your sacred information, which will enlighten you on your path ahead.

Don’t miss this chance to turn your life around at this time of the year. It will give you a boost to achieve your plans and goals in the present. It is a deeply transformative time for your soul to expand and ascend to higher levels!

This is a huge portal of reinvention of who you are, recreating your life, and being in alignment with the higher dimensions.