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8.8 Lion’s Gate Portal


Rise to your grand soul awakening in the 8.8 lion’s gate portal

Are you ready for your divine spiritual upgrade?

Step into the infinite realm with Karen Ruimy as she channels the Archangels and the Ascended Mastesr, the Pleidians and the Goddess presence to open up the portal of ascension and enlightenment for you.

It’s a big shift to the human consciousness that leads to profound self-mastery


The Lion’s Gate Portal is Your Path to Higher Dimension

The Lion’s Gate portal marks the alignment of Sirius, Earth, and the Orion constellation in the cosmos. This yearly cosmic moment is an auspicious time for a deep healing and transformation. The celestial bodies are working with us to go deep inside ourselves and embody the truth and power of our souls.

Karen Ruimy has continually mastered this sacred initiation in the school of Divine Feminine. Together with the ascended masters, Mother Earth, Archangels Michael, and Gabriel, and the power of the Magdalene, she will bring you into a powerful vortex of transformation and integrate into your energy field the high frequencies from the Lion’s Gate Portal.

This session is about remembering the core of your sacred path so you can effortlessly tap into your radiant, truest self.

It’s a call of alignment to your purpose journey.

You will receive sacred codes that will heal and liberate you from the wounds, old paradigms, and stagnant energies that have been lingering to your consciousness, or in your unconscious self for so long, and align you to your SOUL calling.


A Sacred Healing of Your Feminine Energy

The Lion’s Gate Portal 8.8 in August 2023 is a sacred time to strengthen our attunement to the Heart Chakra that the Leo sign governs. It’s a major heart-soul initiation in time and space of the cosmos right now.  Expect big upgrades and expansion in your solar heart. We will be assisted as always by the Pleiadians energy who are here to help us in this process with their universal love.

Before entering the space of the healing of the webinar, you are invited to meditate upon what you would like to heal, or shift. We will hold that in the sacred healing of the goddess. Then we will quantum leap together to the sacred Lion’s Gate Portal, guided by the light and love of our 5D spiritual masters. You will receive healing energies and activations that will release your Divine Feminine Energy from limitations and deep rooted conditioning.


Access Your Soul’s Sacred Wisdom and Creativity

Our heart chakra holds the expression of our self-love, compassion, and peace. When its energies are blocked, it can also harbor pain, resentment, guilt, and other negative emotions. Let the Lion’s Gate Portal help you remember your inner voice and guidance to rise fearlessly to your soul’s true power. Connect to your highest self as you attune to your innate calling and capacities as the master creator of your reality!


Embrace your Divine Wholeness in This Webinar

Harness the power of your feminine energy as we dissolve the disharmony with its masculine energy counterpart. Feel empowered again as you flow into the state of your heart-centered, intuitive, and nurturing nature while staying resilient, assertive, and protective. Receive the gift of divine wholeness that help you navigate the 3D life with meaning and purpose.


Major Heart Activation

The Heart Chakra contains the codes of your soul presence and the whole definition of your matrix of energy.

This activation will bring forth more of your higher self presence and soul path to yoru consciousness.

And the heart chakra is the central powerhouse of your body. It stores our emotions and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness. Removing the blockages surrounding this chakra will restore balance and dissolve fear, guilt, and other negative emotions in your life.


Shift Your Perception from the 3D Reality to 5D

The profound energy in the Lion’s Gate Portal will propel you to vibrate in 5D frequency while learning and expanding your spiritual path in 3D physicality. You will discover various modalities and insights that will help you to live a more grounded and fulfilling life.

The heart chakra is also the center of your own matrix of high energy so this activation will help you shift to another level of consciousness.


Chakras Healing

The healing will focus on the heart and then will expand on all chakras and in your presence pillar, the tube of light. It’s a shifting experience at the energy level in your presence, your matrix of energy.


Receive Sacred Codes of Energies

You will receive NEW LIGHT CODES in your MATRIX of energy. You will gain a boost of powerful energy that will elevate your consciousness and help you manifest on a whole new level. You will receive energy from your HIGHER SELF so you can access sacred information.

Rise as an Empowered Divine Light Being

You will remember that you are a magnificent creator of your life. Your light radiates unto others and inspires them to instill change in their own lives. This webinar takes you on a journey of discovering your inner Divine Power and how this 5D dimensional mindset shift can help you flourish in your current life.