Peace is Who You Are

Peace is Who You Are

Feeling peace inside yourself is exactly the moment when you feel the vibration of your essence. It settles within you.

You have earned this moment of peace, away from the hustle of life.

You have reached it within yourself.

But actually it is always there.

You can reach out to it as you reach out to someone with your outer voice.

Your inner connection is always open.

Only your noise inside yourself is creating noise from all the thinking and overthinking.The thoughts create a noise, they create a busy atmosphere in your brain. You think you are busy. You let all these thoughts stay and turn and turn in your head until they find a place in you.

It is very important to settle them. Writing them all down, one by one. Let them settle. Give them space outside of you. Give them an answer. Recognise them.

Are they yours?

Are they relevant?

Are they coming back continuously?

Why are they obsessive?

Something in you is not completely satisfied and calls on the thought.

Find the reason.


Make peace.

Readdress the need.

Clear the obsession by writing down the thoughts, by addressing your needs, your fears, your emotional questions.

The thoughts are coming back because you need to heal something.

Once you have cleared the energy of the thought, of its pull in you, it will shift away and release the noise.

You want to hear the silence in your conscious mind. And yet it is possible to hear the silence and it is possible to put to bed some of the thoughts.

You cannot answer all of your thoughts in one go, but you have the power to separate from them. And there comes the amazing tools we all have within ourselves. Meditation. Breathing.

Take a moment to connect inside yourself to acknowledge your breathing. Your true existence. Your consciousness. meditate and connect to your inner self.

Let it happen.

All the thoughts will rest. Some will shift away as they had no purpose inside you. Some will hang on as you need to address them.

Connecting to your inner peace is your medicine.

It shifts your energy to your higher being-ness.

You tend to rise above the ego nervousness.

You are seeing your life in a totally different vision.

The vibration is healing your vision and your whole energy.

You literally rise above the dust, the pollution.

You breathe some fresh air.

You reach your best self.

You leave your tendency to react to the aggressions of the world.

It is magical and yet it is only your natural gift.

Your inner gift is magical.

Use it.

Connect to your inner peace.

Enjoy who you are.