Realignment of Your Soul Energy for the Year 2024


Oracle Cards

The Goddess Is Speaking Oracle Card Deck provides daily wisdom from the Goddess and Karen Ruimy. You’ll discover poetic, universal truths from The Goddess, channeled by Karen, that will support you in connecting and communicating with your true self, your soul, and with the divine. Pick a card at the start of the day, or whenever you need a prompt from the Goddess. You’ll find inspiration and a spark of enlightenment with each card pull that will bring awareness, clarity and guidance.

Every card you pull brings a message of empowerment, enlightenment, and guidance from the loving and creative energy of the Goddess. Let this oracle deck be a constant companion in your soul journey.

Connect with the Goddess energy and find out what it is she wants to speak with you. These words will heighten your vibratory field of energy as you read, tune in and meditate with the Goddess.


If you are looking for inspiration and wisdom, let the Goddess soothe and guide you in this wisdom deck. The Goddess is Speaking offers seven different areas for exploration; 7 colours each with 11 cards to tune into, each holding a different energy to connect with from love and compassion to confidence, inspiration, and joy.

Shuffle the deck to find out what the Goddess wants to share with you at the moment or use the colours to get clarity on a specific issue.



Pull cards for yourself for daily inspiration, or get a spontaneous message from the Goddess whenever you need it. You can also ask a question before pulling a card, and get a divinely guided answer with the card’s message.

Reading For Others

Give your loved ones, friends, or strangers an inspiring message by pulling a card for them. Each card brings good energy that uplifts the vibe of anyone.

Perfect Gift

This oracle deck makes a great gift for anyone in your life who loves creatively spiritual tools to inspire, guide, and uplift their being.

On Your Spiritual Journey

Use this oracle deck as a companion on your spiritual journey. Connect to the Goddess energy everyday, strengthen your spiritual awareness, and expand to higher consciousness.


“I am a spiritual writer, energy healer and artist. I received the amazing gift of spiritual discovery when I was in my late 20s while I was still fully engaged in a career in finance. I then decided to dedicate myself to a new path and followed the spiritual guidance I was given. Everything I have created since then has been an expression of this search for spiritual harmony and purpose. As a spiritual writer, I was publishing the sacred dialogue between Spirit and my soul. 

Then my life opened up to become the dancer and singer waiting in me to be expressed in the world. It was also an expression of the sacred within me. I have been receiving wisdom and knowledge in my writings, healings and meditations from different energies. One of them is the Goddess presence who has been my companion for many years. It’s my delightful pleasure to share some pearls of the Goddesses’ enlightening words with you.”
Karen Ruimy

The Goddess is Speaking is another path for Karen’s written work, with inspiration and wisdom coming from her writing, during her conversations with the Goddess. She has been sharing these writings on social media and on her blog for the past few years and has created a collection of messages that you will find in this oracle card deck. Karen’s connection to the Goddess and spirit is expressed throughout all of her creative ventures.