Oppressing People in their Lives to get More

Oppressing People in their Lives to get More

More of what? 

More control. 

Control is an illusion. 

Control will control you. 

It will stifle your energy, your sacred energy, 

you will then run only on ego fuel, 

you will live in an ego minded vision. 

You are controlled and you control your world 

and that is a total illusion. 

The energy of the world is totally free, 

you are a soul, 

you are a piece of life flow, 

totally free. 

Living on the flow of life, 

any control puts you out of touch of your true nature. 

It will impose rules that are foreign to your soul, inner truth and so force your natural ease, your natural flow. 

To keep the control working you have to set foreign rules for yourself, it is a dependency game, and there you tie more strings to yourself, everybody lives a game of dependence, of being tied to each other. 

No flow, no ease, no true happiness, no love. 

Freedom is our nature. 

There are no other rules for us, 

we are all made of love. 

Our true nature loves and respects, because she knows we are all one, because she feels for others, she just cares. 

The game of control has us forgetting our true nature. 

Very often dictators want to own and control their land and people because they think that is how they will achieve their own freedom. Gaining from others is their belief and illusory game. It is a game of perpetual loss and pain. For their people and for themselves. It always terminates in traumatic experiences. 

Now it is an urgent situation. 

It is not a philosophical moment. 

I am praying for the people of Venezuela. Praying that this crisis of being held and hurt by a dictator can find its solution in the most benevolent outcome for the people and their freedom.

Image source: Instagram @ydeas