Embracing the darkness in you doesn’t mean you have to go deep into a cave or a closet and find skeletons. 

There are no skeletons.

There is only fake consciousness.

A door that has got thicker and heavier and has locks upon locks.

What you’re being asked to embrace is your truth, and say: “Okay, I have separated myself from my light because I thought it wasn’t ‘allowed’ or ‘acceptable’ and that has built a fear in me to become truly who I am.”

It’s very much time to embrace that truth and open the door, no matter how heavy it feels, as much as you can.

This will raise the vibration in your whole being.

This will open up the door to who you truly are, as I’m saying this, I’m opening some doors of my own that have been shut for some time, and let me tell you, be prepared, because there is a lot behind the door waiting to be experienced.

A lot will open up within your life – opportunities and possibilities – because you are changing the energy within yourself. When you do this, your life is transformed – relationships will be evaluated, what you choose to do with your time and energy will be different.


Because, by remaining fearful of what was behind the heavy door of separation, you have limited yourself. You have become complacent and have ‘put up’ with a life that doesn’t suit you because you have been afraid of so many things.

So it’s very good news.

Very exciting.

To know that there is no darkness on the other side of the door and that there is only light waiting for you.

Now, in order to open this door, to have this recognition and to let the light in, you are going to experience the first time you had the fear to express yourself. When you were a kid, and you were afraid to show your gifts.

You’re going to find your gifts there, you’re going to find moments of realization there, so you need to allow yourself to live them, and through this, discover more of who you are.

Through this living of the experience, you will attract to yourself the life that you have been waiting for, and you know that deep down, you have always been waiting for that.

Don’t hesitate.

A practice to open the door and let the light in

Breathe deeply, and breathe deeply again, and gently breathe again and now extend each breath.

Allow this gentle energy to surround you with the desire to go deep, and to reach the door that currently separates you from your soul expression, from your light, from your real power.

Where did you lose your power? Let it unfold in your imagination.

Go into the vortex of your heart and see all the doors, locks, the traps, the cave, whatever dark places you have put there to separate yourself from yourself.

Visit the fears that have made this door and these locks, strong, heavy and scary.

Don’t be afraid.

It is time to now really release the fears, the lack of truth, the lack of respect for who you really are.

See all the moments you have been complacent with your life, with people, with activities, with relationships.

Breathe in light. Breathe out the lie, the complacency, the limitation, the separation.

If life brings you back to these doors, say ‘thank you’, because it is a sign that it is time for you to become who you are, more grand, more happier, enjoying the life that you deserve, because when there’s no separation, there are no limits between you and yourself, between you and your soul, between you and God, between you and the universal energy that you carry right now, here and forever.

Please breathe out the false consciousness that humanity wanted you to accept as truth. It is time to stop the game.

Amen. Namaste. I love you, you who is inside of me. I love you. I hear you.

I breathe through you. I see through you. I resonate with you. I am that I am, all light indeed. I behold in me the sacred spirit of God, goddess, and the universal light, and I am ready to become, to believe who I am.