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Get weekly messages from Karen that encapsulates the powerful wisdom channeled from the Goddess, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.

Get the best insightful guidance from Karen’s channeling sessions to inspire you all throughout the week.

Get oracle readings from Karen to receive Divinely-inspired messages that illuminate your life path. The readings convey the energy of the week with messages from the Universe that you can utilise for inner work, healing, and direction for the week ahead.

60 minutes Q&A session as Karen channels the Goddess and Ascended Masters for you to ask anything and receive wisdom. Members are the Special Guests for the session as their questions will be answered during the live (Questions from Paid Members will be given priority). Members only will receive a recorded playback of this channelling session. (Hosted on Instagram Live @karenruimy, usually scheduled on Thursdays)

Check out past oracle readings to find wisdom in the messages that the cards have conveyed. Don’t miss the Divine information that may relate to you through the channeled readings. 

(Total Value: £2,500)

Cancel Anytime (once you cancel your membership will automatically stop)