I feel menopause has been falling on me and I have kind of been under a spell.

And I know it will pass, but I still feel I have the power to reverse its untrue effect on me.


It does not exist.

And actually, it has a weird name.

Menopause. Men-o-pause.

“Meno” for men, moon, month, pause, nothing like a freedom frequency…


Yes, there is a transformation in our female-hood.
We are definitely transforming. But we are taking it into aging.

I think it is perfect to have children in a certain window of your life.
And it is perfect to be a mother, but then it is so perfect to see them grown up and return to your gifts, your soul gifts that need attention… why are we then thinking it is a crisis?

It is a moment to pause, to re-group and re-align with those gifts.

It is not the moment to stop creating.

And it is the male dominating society that has created the belief,

Not being able to be a mother is seen as a decrease of our real value, of our place in society.

Women were seen and shown as the holder of the womb to procreate the next generation.
And the rest?
The rest is suppressed.
This world has tried to suppress the true existence, the creative power of women.

We women have been reduced to that capacity.

And as this capacity begins to fade, there is a whole consciousness that starts to invade your unconscious mind and then it moves into your entire energy, your cells. And the more you believe in it, the more that you believe you’re being reduced to functional being-ness, the more you will feel the menopause as a traumatic experience.

You are becoming ‘irrelevant’ to the creativity of society

And something pernicious can install itself in you at this point.
A feeling of sadness, of aging, of physical swelling…

Then you begin to feel trapped.
I am menopausal. There’s no help, I have no recourse. It is fatal…Oulala…doomy.


I know, deep in me, that all these conditions can be transformed into pure light.

You need to learn, to re-learn that truth.

Menopause does not exist as it is said.

Yes, we transform as women into another phase and form of energy.

We are leaving behind the procreation for our soul creation and actually we need our highest energy here. We are giving birth now to life and beings of a different kind.


Menopause is a perception.

It is a belief seeded in us, that we are losing our grip on life, that the space between us and the active young exciting life is growing wider.

When actually, I have never felt so free and ready to create than I do now.

Yes, I still can see my body taking on some strange form of menopausal traumatic experiences, even more so when you are a dancer, and that the body needs lightness and to be easy going.


Believe you are still forever the goddess of creation.

You don’t need to grieve anything.

Who said I want to still have children?

No, my soul has learnt so much here, and is so ready to bring more to the world.
And in the cycle of life of my soul here, it really feels like she would rather do stuff very differently than to have another child.
So why would I grieve?
I had my time of babies, and I love my babies immensely and hopefully I am able to love them, infinitely.

I am not ready to copy this consciousness of grieving for when I was a creative womb. I am not ready to mimic this consciousness that considers women done and aged simply because they are no longer fertile.

Actually, I can feel this surge of energy from me as I even consider being from it.

I had my children, but actually it is not even linked to that.
I am also addressing women for who, life has meant that they are not having babies. I am addressing all women, all goddesses.
You are a goddess.

Nothing can stop that.

Each time and phase of life brings you treasures of energy, treasure of creativity, of inspiration, of giving and receiving and exchanging with the world. You all come here to procreate with the world, whatever form it is, it is divine, it is guided by your soul, it is so gifted, enlightened, it is so perfect for the world you are living in.

You are spirit in flesh, you are bringing spirit into matter, to the world, and you thrive doing it.
You are bringing into every day the magic of your soul, of your spirit.

It is not any belief you are not infinite energy that will stop being you, being this goddess here and now.

And yes, menopause is a concept that can stop you from being who you are totally. Because it is a concept that talks about the so-called limitation of who you are.

Actually, menopause is a transformative moment of your life.

Come back to your sacred self.

Connect inside yourself and see the beauty of who you are – a gorgeous goddess of: solar energy, soft energy. A goddess who is giving and compassionate, who is wise, full of beauty, of subtle light, of vivid and strong light, of inner strength, of stillness, of tranquillity…

Come back inside your heart, and connect with the mother, with the universal goddess that you are part of.

Connect and breathe in this energy.

Become and be.

Breathe in.

Breathe this essence of yours.

As you connect, you will feel how much limitation and fear goes against the true nature of the goddess.

A free, infinite force of creative and loving light.

Connect to it and reprogram your mind to it.
Remember what you are.
Not any of these fears, not this shrinking human programming of the woman you are.

Transcend the definition of menopause.

Transcend this limiting concept that you have accepted in your cells, in your consciousness as you were birthed here.

See the limitation, and pray it out of you.
Recognise it is not your thought.
It is not fitting your true and deep nature of infinite freedom and love consciousness.

Watch the matrix of your inner being, of how it is built up energetically, can you see how you are reducing your matrix?

Can you see what’s limited within you?
In your consciousness, where you feel held prisoner because you are not young anymore, asking if it is too late to do this or that?
Do you feel the sadness that it is so-called gone because you’ve been told it’s too late?
How much sadness it brings to our heart and inner energy, which always develop into our body cells and then into physical manifestations of limitations, in the body and in our life.

The cycle of limitation is created here. It’s time to stop and unwind it, breathing in the energy of release, of realness, of truth…

Breathing who you are really, giving the permission to be who you are, my love,


Without any permission from any outside force.

Being bold.

Voicing what is inside.

I am this, and I don’t want to hold it, I don’t want to wait for anyone to give me permission.

I am not believing the modus vivendi, my energies inside are telling me I have lots to express and share with the world.

Let these energies be out there, shared and expressed.

Let this juice become my new youth, my renewal of myself.