This morning I had to stay still for a very long time in order to find me again.

Until I found my centre and the peace returned.

I allowed the ‘noise’ and internal questioning to calm down and when I did, I found the praying door.

I heard that I, we need to heal in order to get out of our shells, so that eventually we will not need a shell at the end of this process.

It is safe, my love.

You are safe, my love

You are loved.

You are amazing.

This energy we carry makes us so vulnerable because vulnerability is part of who we are. This energy of truth is based on vulnerability.

If it’s not, it is hidden and changed or twisted,

So vulnerable, we are.

And these periods of change can make us feel weak, and we cry, we shed, its fragile.

We transmute.

We allow, so that we transform.

Let it go, let it happen.

Be reinforced in your light.

Your amazing light.

Don’t let go of the strength of this light.

Let it direct you to who you are.