Good Morning – Mindfullness meditation

Good Morning – Mindfullness meditation

Good morning! Don’t rash as waking up slowly to the world is so necessary for our souls and for our mindfulness meditation. 

The morning invites us to connect slowly to the higher love that prevails and governs our life, our human nature. And the higher love is just there very close to us as we wake up. And it is a blessing. There is this silence that our whole being is in as we wake up and it is part of the sacred silence of our soul world.

Morning secrets of mindfulness meditations.

The silence is a dimension our souls live and thrive in.
It is not specially something tangible with bricks and mortars.
It is our souls world, where they are living and communicating and nourished in this peaceful energy. Where they are all together merging into oneness, where there are no blocks, no judgements.

There is an infinite peace.

And there the day starts and it pulls you so quickly into a world of thinking and obligations. And suddenly from that bliss you get propelled into a world of duties. 
A program that really takes you out of the root energy.

The trick is here.
Wait one second.
Don’t jump. 
Don’t be swallowed up into the thinking more, into the energy of the world consciousness in one go, into the “you have to do”.
Don’t for a second.
Breathe. Remember.
Connect to your root.
To your soul.
To your blissful energy just after the nights sleep.
And let yourself decide for your day.
Look at your day with a different energy. 
A different intention. Grateful, hopeful, engaged with love.

Vital reminder from your morning mindfulness meditation

I am not the human totally immersed in the arms of a world of obligations.
I will decide for myself what energy I want to live in, in myself first, then the energy I want to be engaged in, and exchange.

This is a vital reminder every morning to step back and be who you are. 
Not being trapped for a second in the fear, the stress, the obligation mode.
Breathe. I am that I am.
I have lots to accomplish today.
But I know what is my energy. 
I am free to be who I am.

I enjoy my energy. 
Nothing will take me away from my source.
And each time you feel you have been taken away from yourself because you have feared for an instant, take a quick moment to acknowledge it, breathe and let go of the fear.

And come back to the game.
Honour who you are.
From the morning till the end of the day.
Be in your joy.
And how fabulous you are.
And how much joy you create in the world being you.
And how much more creative, efficient you become being in your governing energy, not being swept away in a maelstrom of do-duty-respond.

Do the day in your peaceful and creative you.


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