Meditation: The Inner Music of the Goddess ⚡️💙⚡️

Meditation: The Inner Music of the Goddess ⚡️💙⚡️


I need to connect inside deep myself again.
I feel this big energy inside of me, the energy of a large goddess with her meditating eyes closed, humming a kind of silent Om.

It is vibrational.
It is wonderful.
I know I need it.

Close your eyes and listen to this silence, there I hear her singing from inside of me. This singing is vibrational, it is very light and very deep. I can feel it in my energy field and I can hear it more as I focus inside myself.

It is funny as it has a powerful way of blending inside me, dispersing the harmful aggressive energy in me, that is more about reaction to the world, to low emotions like hate, shame, anger etc… And fear in general. It has the power to let all that disperse, to go down and to leave me. 

I can see the joy in me coming back to the surface much clearer and cleaner and I can see it shining again… I can see my inner self rejoicing and smiling strongly.

I feel I am not falling into the trap of the Monday morning, stressful, demanding world. I am not reacting like the usual human habit, by putting on the armour, and the weapons of reactivity.

Let it melt.
Let it go… by hearing the inner song of the goddess.

As I visualise it melting, I can see the energy of joy coming out brightly but also strong, like shiny silver metal. It is strong.

Actually it is exactly the opposite of what we all think. 

We all think that fear in us is strong and joy fragile, but actually as you connect to your divine self, you can feel the positive clearing, and the switch of consciousness. 

The joy energy is actually so much stronger as you connect to it inside. So strong.
But it is years of believing in the fear energy that makes it so solid inside us, coupled with the belief it is strong, so it makes it strong like an inner phantom.

Continue to breathe into your whole body, your whole energy.

Joy is not solid darling! It is feels very strong as a solid as metal when you think about your strength, but actually it is totally fluid…

It is marvellous to live with it inside and express it outside.

In order to celebrate this Joy inside you, breathe in the light and have the joy energy explode into zillions of sparkling elements in you and around you in your auric field. 

Feel recharged with this positive wave of energy.

Let the music stay in you and become like a silent humming inside yourself that realigns your energy vibration to yourself, both your physical and emotional.

Be conscious that you have the power to ask for this realignment.

The joy energy is a happy feeling but also a healing energy. 
It translates into realignment inside you as you make it real, be-living it.

I feel the pulse of the energy and its realignment physically.
I feel the lightness happening in my body.

I can feel in my heart some kind of battle emotionally, it is moving into the heart chakra and then the solar plexus…

Inhale peace in this area. 
It is fine. 
Let it settle.