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Mind Body Spirit Festival Workshop


With bestselling spiritual author and
energy healer Karen Ruimy

Saturday, 29th October 2022

4pm – 6pm

NEC Birmingham

Join Karen Ruimy at the Mind Body Spirit Festival!

Join Karen Ruimy at the most enriching wellness event of the year! The next Mind Body Spirit Festival will be held at the iconic NEC Birmingham this October 2022 – the perfect venue for UK and international guests to enjoy the best of brands, workshops, activities, and exhibits. 

Karen, together with highly acclaimed spiritual teachers, will impart their knowledge and gifts at this festival to take your health, wellness, and soul journey to the next level!

Don’t miss Karen’s workshop which will be on Saturday, 29 October as she brings you a comprehensive inner work and transformation through Inner Child Healing. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in a life-changing festival!

“Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. My inner child is free and says thank you for guiding me to free her. – Helen A.”

Experience Deep Healing and Transformation Through Your Inner Child

Attended by thousands of participants over the years of Inner Child webinars, bestselling spiritual author and energy healer Karen Ruimy is creating a sacred space for you and channeling Divine Light Beings in this Deep Healing of the Inner Child.

Through the healing and transformative energies you will experience in this event, it will miraculously reveal and heal the deepest parts of you. You will get to discover your sacred path, immense gifts, and mission in this world. You will finally realise your true beauty, stardom, and journey as a soul!

Why Inner Child Healing?

Inner Child Healing is the core of all spiritual healings. We hold the deepest definition of who we are and our energies in what we call the Inner Child.

Humanity has never been that high in consciousness when you were born. At that time, the world didn’t allow your soul’s full expression during childhood.

Therefore our Inner Child held so much burden for us to live normally through this life in the 3D. While growing up, we had to go through limiting experiences – from sadness to traumas – just to get by in this world.

It’s finally time to face the truth of your Soul, and once awakened, it will bring forth so many miracles into your life!

“This was extremely emotional and I felt like not only did I heal myself but I felt everyone healing. – Elisa”

This Is Your Time For Your Inner Light To Shine

We are here to make space for the high energy that can heal these places within ourselves. It is the deep healing of the Inner Child – which holds the root cause of all our triggers and limitations at the present.

During the session, Karen will channel the Light Beings to illuminate 5D consciousness within your midst, a light activation session to clear your Matrix of Energy, and a guided session where you work in your Room of Creation – which holds your past, present and future.

You hold the energies of the stars within your soul and your Higher Self, and that can be unlocked by healing your Inner Child.

Your Healing and Transformation in This Session

You’ll be able to go through a great transformation like never before. It’s time to release everything that has been holding you back, and allow the greatness of your own Divinity to shine through.

Here’s what will transpire in this high energy event:

Releasing Blocks and Outdated Frequencies Within You

Through inner work in your Matrix of Energy, you will learn the tools on how to release blocks that have been holding you back and shifting your frequency to manifest like never before.

Light Activation in the Goddess Energy

Karen channels the Goddess energy and the ascended masters to activate you at a deep level. It will awaken your power within and enable you to stand in your own light.

Clearing and Healing Your Chakras

Experience the unblocking and balancing of your chakras to let go of outdated beliefs, traumas, and triggers. Connect to higher consciousness by aligning all these chakras within you.

Revisiting Your Room of Creation

Inner work happens in your Room of Creation – where you stand in the center of your past, present and future. Release past traumas, get clarity in the present, and recreate the future you want.

Integrating Powerful Energies From the Goddess, Pleiadians, Ascended Masters and Archangels

Karen will be channeling the healing energies of Divine Light Beings to guide you through this incredible healing and transformation for you to soar higher.

Visiting Your Inner Child

This powerful activation will allow you to visit your inner child vividly and communicate with him/her. It is a revelatory experience that will provide so much information, wisdom and healing that you will never be the same person afterwards. The gift of reconnecting with your own inner child will bring you so much release and freedom.

Living in 5D Consciousness

Shift your perception about yourself and your life. You get to see yourself and everything around you in new ways like never before.

Praise from the community

Meet your guide

Best-selling spiritual author, professional, dancer, business leader, and 25-year, multidimensional energy healer and, channeler of ascended masters, archangels, and extradimensional beings who has helped thousands of clients integrate and ascend.

Video Sneak Peek

This workshop will be held at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Saturday, 29 October 2022. The venue is at NEC Birmingham, an iconic venue and landmark accessible by major transportation routes.



Mind Body Spirit Festival Workshop




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