Living Your Dream in the Energy of the New Year

Living Your Dream in the Energy of the New Year

Are you feeling the energy of this new year ? Did you ponder on what you want the new year to bring to your life ? Or rather did you think about how you want to transform yourself in order to attract the dream to you?? Are you creating space for yourself, for the energy of your dream?

Your dream is aligned with your inner dimension, your soul. It resonates to the energy of it, a clearer and higher energy of what your ego is pulling you to every moment.

Can you visualise or feel the difference?

What you are, is an ego resonating to the vibrations of the world, trying to fit in, struggle and compete. It listens to the lower energies of comparison, judgment etc… all these energies are pulling you down to an energy that is not truly yours. It belongs to the society. And sadly it is not feeding you well – but creating fear and then struggle inside.

Living the dream starts with connecting to the right source of energy. Inside yourself, nowhere else. An infinite source of the highest energy.

Learn to trust, to connect, to drink it in. Everyday. Leave the judgements outside of yourself. And then have the dream become your goal.

As you connect to your source, you raise your energy vibration and you will match the energy of the dream.

So go for it. Trust the process. Enjoy it.

That is your mission. Creating your dream

The energy of the new year is welcoming this process. A new year always brings a fresh energy, a start, an opportunity to clear out the old and open the door to write another chapter of your life.

Grasp this energy. Rejoice.