I was opened to a new consciousness today.


I was feeling a bit under the weather with some conditions with my life… But still very grateful for this energy, this moment, in the morning. That is why I so love my early mornings. I connect to my body, to my well-being, to my soul eventually, to the Goddess.


The goddess is speaking.


The bliss of this in the morning.


How do you keep that amazing blissful feeling in you?


Keep it sacred.


If you are drifting away, stop. Stand inside yourself, watch the situation, stand strong, don’t react to it, let it glide, glide away from you, don’t jump in this pool of anger, of dissatisfaction.


Let the goddess be your truth.


Let the storm pass.


Come back to yourself, alone in your inner silence and breathe.


Don’t let your solar plexus stand in contraction as though you are in defensive mode.


Let it open with your breathing, your conscious breathing. Let the stressful energy melt and transmute it with the violet flame…


Send fresh air, send white sparkling energy to your lungs, to all your plexus, to all of your body… Reconnect all the parts together through this breathing experience, like a movement of bright energy.


Recollecting yourself.


Sing a soft song to your ears, to your inside, to your inner self, to your inner child. Relax it all.


And come back to your reality. To your day, to your moment.


A moment of creativity, of love, of self-love.


What am I supposed to be in this moment?

What am I receiving from my soul to be able to express it?

What is making me feel good?

What feels fulfilling?

Where am I in my goal?


It is all fitting together. When you are on the right track, it really does fit together. It feels magical, it feels so perfect.


When it does not, it is time to evaluate. But withoutstress, just by opening to bigger reality.  Just by enjoying the possibility of a wider consciousness.


When you are reconnecting to your harmony, your sense of being, you come back to your inner strength.


Come back to your warrior energy.

Come back to your power.

Use it for your highest purpose.

It feels great.


And it will feed back to you.

Keep it sacred and aligned to your inner truth

And it will boost you for the next adventure.