I am that I am.

I am that I am.

I am that I am. 
All light indeed.
I am awakening my tube of light in my etheric body of light. 
I am consciously breathing in it.
The energy is kicking in and I am feeling it in my body.
My tube of light is inundated with sprinkles of light, of light pink energy and sparkles, that shine from the highest light.

The energy is graciously and powerful twirling in my tube of light.
And I can feel the tickle, but also the power of this strength coming into my body.
And I love it. I let it disperse out of my physical tube of light as a geyser of energy and shower my whole physical instrument. And it needs it at the moment. It brings a sudden release of energies, a sudden well being feeling in my body. 
The pressure is loosening. 
I breathe deeply.
I rejoice. 
I calmly enjoy this new vibration in myself. 
I trust.

I trust and let go of the pressure.
I receive and I believe.There is nothing coming in my mind that will interfere this magical transfer of energies that my whole being is allowing
Allowing… the healing to happen.

Being in the allowance.
Being in the thought of knowing you are letting go because you deeply know there is a greater purpose to your being-ness, to your life than the pressure of life you create for yourself.

There is a letting go coming from the depth of your whole being.
There is you coming to the surface, letting go of the non-you baby…
Breathe out. 
Breathe in who you are.

And let go the rest, don’t hold any resentment, just let go now.
Enjoy the freedom it creates in yourself.
This void you want to breathe, to bring back the loving, the free, the ease, the beauty of life, your own beauty, from your soul.

You are beautiful.