How to listen to the Intelligence of Your Heart

How to listen to the Intelligence of Your Heart

The minute I do not listen fully, the minute I embark on a different journey, I just bruise my self, my soul, my joy.

So I listen to my heart – whether it is going against other peoples views or fears. It helps me to feel myself again. It helps me to feel good again. It makes me want to participate in the world with my heart clear and happy.

The funny thing is that we all think that intuition is important, that what our heart has to say is important, but what importance do we actually give to these thoughts? 

We listen, but do we realise that in our heart there lies the true intelligence of our being? It is where we initiate all our energies and then manifest them with our physical being. 

But it is not to be confused with the physical energy which is also coming from that spiritual intelligence. As you tap into your heart, and you decide to move on its ideas, you are granted with loads of physical energy and enthusiasm to produce the ideas. 

The body is reflecting the energy you are tapping into.

Are you tapping into your inner self to find the next good idea to create in your life? It could be just go to the hairdresser, or take a shower, or create an amazing technical advanced tool. Because all is guided in your heart. 

This guidance puts you on the road to the positive energy that feeds you, your soul and your body! And it will attract the vibration you need in the world that correlates to your project. Nothing is left behind because all is connected.


Which means magic is a creation of the intelligence of the heart that we cannot see, or understand because we are disconnected from it. We want understand it, but in a way we disconnect ourselves somehow and we just don’t see the mechanics of what is being made behind the curtains of our consciousness.

We say there are no accidents, only faith, “everything happens for a reason.” We know there is an universal intelligence in which we all participate, that organises everything perfectly, so that we meet the right people at the right time on our journey etc..

How do we connect to our intelligence of the heart?

Believe. Be-live in your heart, through your heart feelings, vision, love, and other perceptions.

Your heart is your centre.

It is your key to understanding what is going on in your life at all levels.

Be in your heart for one hour in the morning. As you wake up your energy lands from the ether to this dimension. Your heart is sleeping with you but your awareness is still between two dimensions. The energy is soft enough to open up to your inner world.

Connect yourself to your inner self. Meditate, make your body aware of this pure and soft energy of the morning. And play with this beautiful energy, try to let your mind quiet.

Move your body with the intention to engage your spirit in all your cells. Yoga. Tai chi. Any discipline that will link body and spirit will be amazing to bring on the connection, create a flow in all of you.

After a moment you will feel grounded. You will connect consciously to your heart. Stay with this energy. Try to stay on the positive, the highest energy you can.

Abrahams-Hicks talks about the high-flying disk, I love that! 

The journey of the heart starts here. You connect to its feelings and try not to stop this connection during the day. All should be apprehended through your heart centre. And the feelings will guide you along the day. The thinking should follow the feeling as a guide and nourish your decisions, your progress. Then you go back to the heart.

It is a dialogue. 
It is so pleasurable. 

It will talk to you through coincidences, outside messages, symbols, the outside world coming with news etc..

The more you do it the more it will become natural.

Karen and the Goddess x