How My Creativity Works

How My Creativity Works

Creativity has its own way. A way to communicate, a way to express, to thrive and to shut down when I don’t listen to its flow.

Very often in my life people comment on my creativity, on how many outlets I express myself. I can feel their amusement, their surprise and often their judgments….

“How on earth can you write, dance, sing, create scents… Are you serious?”

So serious. Actually more than that… Passionate, totally passionate!
Nothing can stop me when I have the chance and the joy to surf on a wave of passionate creativity. The more I create, the more I want to create.

How do I get to that state?

I have been dedicating my life to my spirituality, to my holistic understanding of who we are as human beings. I am totally passionate about our definition as ‘spiritual beings living a human existence’. I have been searching, writing and channeling about well-being and spirituality. I know deeply that our true essence resides within us, and there only lie all our treasures.

I have learnt to connect inside through meditation and communicate with my higher self, receiving so much wisdom and knowledge about a rich inner world. It has opened so many doors to my creativity and I have trusted its process.

The more I was following my instinct to perform – the more of my gifts I uncovered and the more joy, fulfilment, authenticity of my being I found.

It has created a deep feeling of contentment and also a drive to always continue this sacred search in myself. I realized I was happy creating with different media types.

Writing was my first key to discovering who I really was and how to connect with the Source, so I could communicate regularly inside and with different realms. That has been the biggest blessing of my life, and it will always be my sacred door to the eternal source. Then writing opened the doorway to my artistic gifts – to dance and music.

As I allowed myself to believe in the possibility that I was an artist, I had so many ideas that came to me and my energy was such a driving force that I was magnetizing great people to my projects. The more I was studying and training the more I was receiving new ideas to develop and perform. These projects were unveiling in me so much truth about me and so much pleasure and joy, that I was on roll. I was really feeling the creative juice of my shows feeding my soul. And then my soul was feeding me with more more creativity and high energy.

At one point you start feeling that your creative flow wants to expand to other spheres. To people it may seem totally different but in yourself the energy flow is the same. As you are inspired by something, you tap into yourself, your imagination of what can be transformed… It can be about music, a dance, a written text, but also about an object, or creating a smell. It comes from the same source in yourself. As you think about what you want to achieve, you tap into your inner self, in your creative capacity. As you are inspired, things are naturally coming to you, there is nothing forced.

Then in that moment you create without thinking, whether or not you are in the same field or business as yesterday. When you create, you are tuning to a high energy within yourself and there is no way you are in any judgment or reasoning about it. You are shooting for the stars at that moment. It is such a pleasure.

You just vibrate an energy of your soul.

Sometimes your soul will guide you to imagine and be inspired with subjects that will surprise you. Then you will decide whether you feel comfortable to activate your creativity for it.

Lately I have been involved in a new passion to create some scents and fragrances that will inspire people to connect to their inner self and the different high energies like joy, vitality, peace and sensuality… And I have surprised myself – I have loved the process of creating these perfumes… It felt the same mixing the smells to when I am writing music. It felt so good to myself, to my soul! I felt I was finding myself at home exactly like when I started writing or dancing and I knew I was then on the right path. No judgmental comment can then harm me or deter me from my new venture because I know I touched something sacred in me.

And I am sorry for the ones who do not trust this process because it is heaven on earth… Finding these chords in you is blissful. And this inner joy is the best answer to any negative comment I receive.

Funny enough the negative comments do not just come from friends and acquaintances but can also stem from ourselves, our dear ego… Because what society may think when you try a new venture, your ego thinks the same!

“Why are you doing this new activity? You never worked in this field, you are no expert. You are too busy already. The competition is too big for a newcomer.”

But when your heart is suggesting a new idea or creative outlet in your life, it is showing you possible joy in the realising of it. We rarely listen to the heart the first time because the ego has many echoes in the world. Only your heart will repeat and repeat until you get it. Life will bring you by accident to different events and places that will trigger the feeling of your passion. You will get the message. And because you are connected to yourself, you will recognise your new excitement.

My best advice is to listen because this is a gold nugget! Your soul will reveal itself to you there! Jump on your idea! Go for it!

Forget about the possible failure, the judgment etc… Connect to your inner source of creativity, live your passion and express yourself.

You will have to deal with all your worries and fears about your capacities and capabilities. The ego will always activate the fear of limitation. “Do you have time for this creative activity? Time, money, space, age, responsibility etc…”

So understand your ego and its fears. Find peace around all these limitations as the joy and fulfilment you will find through this new passion will magically erase or sort out your beliefs of limitations.

Your new activity and creativity will blend into your life like it has always existed. It will then grow with you. So be open to find how your own creativity works and thrives.

Be ready to create with no limitations.

Be open to what your soul is bringing you.

The creative flow comes and goes. Enjoy it.

Listen to its rhythm, dance with it.