Holidays Create Energy Shifts

Holidays Create Energy Shifts

As we live our everyday life, we often accept the tension and stress in our lives which create blocks inside us. Blocks which lock out our clarity and most importantly our creativity and joy.

To go on holiday or go travelling and disconnect is often very beneficial because it puts everything into a different perspective. It often puts light on the areas that steal your energy away, things we often don’t realise are there, as we live in them…

It’s amazing… You chill, relax and you are able to really connect inside. You have moments of silence, of beauty with nature… Moments of simplicity with the softness of yourself. The sun is gorgeous. The sea is beautiful. You spend your time with no rushing and after a few days you feel an immense feeling of wellness within yourself. Your eyes look refreshed and younger, your body reenergised, able to be active with ease and enthusiasm.

There you have opened up to your inner self.

You start to feel that inner connection to yourself and to your spirit is more and more present… It is deeper, more relaxed and more real. There is no noise, no stress, limiting that flow and so there the communication with your inner self becomes very natural.

These shifts in energy are actually allowing you to receive information and energy from your soul. The vibration of your whole being raises – as you have allowed yourself to let go of the stress and connect with your inner source and there your soul is able to bring you to another level of vibration.

Then you transform. You are able to connect to another vision of your life and of life in general. You are able to connect to another level of creativity within you.

By turning your attention away from your day-to-day life -where you have allowed lots of stressful tensions to pull you out of your soul vibration – you create a space that creates a shift in you. You think it is relaxation. True – but actually it is ownership of who you are.

A shift happens – the vibration raises in you and you reach higher levels of your own being, of sud-den creativity, of refreshed vision. And you glide on it.

Then you come back to your life.

During the first days you still are surfing on this new energy in you. It is magic.

Then you get back to your routine and all the habits come back at you. But you have shifted. You can’t perceive them as before. They don’t cling to you the same way as before. They now need to shift. Be it habits, relationships, jobs etc…

You feel awkward back in your life. You have changed but what is waiting for you back home has not.

What follows is a time of adjustment.

When you shift, your vibration raises and you open up to another level of life, of creativity. That is where you want to live now. That is consciousness. When you move to a bigger consciousness, there is no way back as it feels like you are going backwards.

Your whole matrix of energy is now vibrating at a higher level.

Then what happens is all the parts in you that are too low in energy need to shift into this new vibra-tion and need to transform as soon as possible – because they just don’t fit anymore.

Some of the ‘drama energies’ you did not clear or accept in yourself and your life are going to show up big time.
Some of the darker or lower energies you have not dealt with in the past, forgotten or have hidden away are going to come to the surface to be cleared away. This will then allow you to live at this new amazing vibration & feeling for life.

It feels weird and painful suddenly because you were believing “Yes! I am above the clouds! I am feeling so ecstatic!” And it is true but some work has to be done in order to maintain the new bliss.

Honestly the best solution is realise that the old stuck energies are yours and need to depart or shift. Realise, understand. It is a gift to be able to clear things that are not appropriate to your new energy any more..

The thing is the dramatic difference. You reach an amazing point of lighter energy. And suddenly these heavy energies show up right in your face!

The key is to gain this clarity then. To stay centred and focused. Understanding and letting go of the past unnecessary energies. Allow yourself to clear these. Be patient with yourself. It often feels like the new bliss is gone far away from you. No it is not but the work is being done so you can enjoy it again. And be it totally.

Clear the old, adjust to your new energy, adjust your life to it.
Then you are ready for a great ride of a new energy of creativity in your life.

Trust the process.

Stay centred always as you will be able to hold on to your inner energy!

And laugh about it.