Ignite Your Soul

Henika Patel

The Journey to Joy
Henika Patel

Biography :

Henika is an Indian Tantra + Yoga Teacher and the founder of the School of Sensual Arts. She combines eastern embodiment with western therapeutic guidelines to create unique experiences for uplifting shame, tackling taboo subjects and helping people to find more connection, pleasure and joy in life.

Workshop :

The 60-minute session invites you to drop the masks of adulthood and meet the playfulness of your authentic self. You’ll enter the world of joy, where you are free to play, laugh, express and experience attuning to the eternal innocence within you, who longs to be embraced, accepted and loved. It’s a session that fosters embodiment, connection and movement to transform anxiety, fear, and stress into tenderness, love, and freedom.


Connect :

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