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Guided Meditation

Powerful guided meditations for your healing, transformation, and transcendence. Be guided in your meditation journey as Karen Ruimy channels Divine energies for you to rejuvenate your entire being and expand into higher consciousness.

Choose a theme that resonates with your need at the moment. Watch and listen to these guided meditations at your own pace and environment.


Clear Your Chakras

Every guided meditation comes with energy clearing work, to release blockages and old energies. Open yourself up to the light of the Goddess and Ascended Masters to clear and balance your chakras. Find alignment with your Pillar of Light.

Healing and Transformation

Experience deep inner work in healing your Matrix of Energy. Release traumas, triggers, and ego definitions. Let the healing transform you inside and out. Connect to your higher awareness of freedom and expansion.

Reconnect With Your Soul

Reconnect to that incredible energy of your Soul. Bring back your sovereignty as a Divine Being of Light. Explore the depth of Spirit and Subconscious, where everything you want to manifest resides.

Reach Higher Consciousness

Connect to the Universe’s healing, transformative, and creative powers as you open up your mind and heart to Higher Consciousness. Practice the embodiment of 5D Living and the awareness of higher dimensions.


Listen Anywhere At Anytime

Get access to these guided meditations wherever you are, and get through the meditative process at your own pace. Follow your own practice of meditation and integrate higher energies into your daily life.

Clear Blockages And Improve Your Day

With every guided meditation, you become your own healer – clearing blockages and old energies from your chakras and energetic field. You can then go about your day in a better mood and energy, pumped up with a higher vibe.

Guidance In Your Spiritual Journey

Each guided meditation helps you expand your awareness of higher dimensions and create your own reality here and now. Connect to the depths of your being, be in alignment with your Higher Self, and discover what your Soul wants to lead you on this path.

Becoming Who You Want To Be

A daily practice of meditation can improve your life by leaps and bounds. Take a moment each day to connect with your deep self through these guided tracks and see your overall wellbeing improve. You will be more able to have the energy and inspiration to conquer each day and develop more self-awareness.