Ignite Your Soul

Grace Prosser


Grace Prosser

Biography :

Grace has dedicated her life to being a spiritual teacher and a Mary Magdalene womb empowerment healer. Her mission began in 2015, and she cultivates more love and healing on this earth. She is committed to assisting women in healing and empowering themselves, bringing them back to their authentic truth by rekindling the exquisite dance of their womb energy. Simultaneously, she extends her wisdom to men, helping them understand how to hold space for women in this transformative and sacred journey.

Free Workshop :

In a world demanding us to be perfect, in a world expecting us to be the same, Grace invites you on a journey of REVIVAL. A safe space that welcomes the deep, unique essence of your soul to be seen. A sacred community that comes together in honour of this mystical and mysterious life. A practice that offers you an invitation to free yourself from the chains holding you back. A chance to weave and unite your soul’s creativity into the heart of the divine Mother and Father God. This is a rite of passage that fortunes your creativity through the ‘nous’ the spiritual eye of the heart. All of you are welcome; it’s time to come back to life, dear friend.

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