Dearest Goddess Prayer

Dearest Goddess Prayer

Letter to all women and to all men who hold the goddess energy in them.
And all who want to connect to this energy.

Dearest Goddess

I am not feeling balanced.

Go back to your core
Go inside yourself.
Go to the centre of your peace, of your well-being.
What a chance to feel such a rich feeling.
I feel flowers
I feel richness
I feel beauty
I feel sun
I feel music, I see dance
I see movement, grace
I see the magnificence of femininity.

I am there
I am this woman
I am this goddess
And I live there
And each time I wake up in this world of human life I should really connect back to it

Let me connect to my source of beauty
Let’s connect to that source of divine wellness.

Why are you disconnecting sometimes my love?
Are you believing in this reality of stress and struggle? Are you believing in something that is not of your creation, of your reality, of your making, of your being?

You are creating something in the world and then you believe in their reality, of the ego etc.

Why do you step into this?

It is hard not to.
You participate in it.
But you have to step back and keep yourself in your realm.
Participate in the world by bringing in your energy not in believing in their reality.

Not easy.

I am doubting because of my fears, am I supposed to do this?
Yes I am enjoying it but the fears in me stopped me in my joy, bring me into the freezing fear of not being able to make it happen.

If the fear is cleared the magic will happen.

The doors to your inner world of the beauty and the Goddess will open again and let their energy flow into you and your creations.