Realignment of Your Soul Energy for the Year 2024


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For Your Healing and Soul Expansion

“I’m giving you one of my most transformative meditations that can change your life!”

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Finding it hard to stay still and meditate? This meditation takes you on a magical journey to your Soul!

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult for anyone. In this meditation, Karen guides your mind and heart to connect to the magical dimension of your own being. With the channeled Divine energies of this session, it can help heal your deepest blockages, expand your consciousness, and receive the energy of your Soul.

This is an incredible meditation that will uplift your spirit, rejuvenate your body, activate your blissful flow of energy, and shift your consciousness!

A Time To Be Fully Who You Are. A Gift From The Universe

Take this moment to reconnect to your calm, peace, and bliss. Create an atmosphere in your space where you can fully relax and be yourself. Ignite magical or sacred energy all around you by lighting a candle, bringing flowers, or holding crystals you are attracted to.

This is a gift from the heart that Karen loves to share with you. This time for meditation is a treat for yourself – a moment of self-care, self-love, and rejuvenating your senses.