Freedom – How to let go of the past?

Freedom – How to let go of the past?

Have you ever thought of how to let go of the past?  You wish to forget everything and start the new life? Get the freedom from it? Just think, Who is ruling in your life? You are already on the right way.

Here I will guide you through. Are you ready? Great!

Relax. Breath. Imagine and always Believe.

The energy has finally landed. The Goddess is back with me.

I found it difficult to come back from the mountains. The energy there is so high, the oxygen level too. It literally zaps me out. Coming back was hard, I felt depressed because the amount of oxygen had lowered so much. My body is so sensitive.

There my brain could not think so much on the physicality of my life.
I could only be. I could only hike, eat & chill…

As I came back I felt I did not have any grasp on the reality of 3D.

The nature is strong there. And because I belong to mother earth, I am so sensitive to the elements. I am in them, with them and cannot rule otherwise.

Who is ruling in your life?

My emotions sometimes and always take over.
And that is the past ruling over you my love.
How can I live freely from them, from the fears, the twisted reactions I hold within me?

They don’t belong to you.
Only your heart, free of emotions is yours.

When you feel stressed or worried ask yourself if you react with an old skin of yours, is it your old self?
Is it truly you?
Is it real?
Is it a past fear coming back to you?
Is it a past emotion blocking you?

I love life. The past is in the past!

Yes. I love life. So why should I go through old emotions each time I live a new experience? Imagine you are wearing the wrong glasses as you watch a beautiful scenery. Imagine you are judging people without really knowing why? And this comes automatically. Your judgement comes from when you were a child and heard something bad about short pants or eating peanut butter, or dancing wildy etc…

A million things you heard and kept inside.
And boy do you have to live with them, these judgements, living through this lens, with so much opacity.

Revising the vision of your life.
It is a constant work that needs attention.
Opening your consciousness to it, clearing the past that has solidified in your eyes, your emotional feelings, your relationships etc…
Sorry but not sorry, lets be open to clear it.

Lets do a detoxification of your emotional being.
How does that work? You open yourself to it energetically.
You call on your masters, teachers, angels and god-goddess energy. You are opening yourself to the clearing, asking to see more, to understand your emotional attachment to old judgements.

Let the universe help you to see and clear.
It is a vow to yourself.
Let it clear without resistance.
Life will show you the resisting emotions that block your growth, that block the achievement of your dreams

Open yourself to freedom!

Open yourself.
Call on the goddess.
Let the process begin in total grace.
Allow yourself detachment from the past.
Allow yourself freedom.
Love who you are.
Love your freedom.

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