Forcing is my ‘thing’ in life.

For example, I know that exercise kills the low energies in the body, so I force myself, even if I am too tired.

And that comes from my dancer mindset.

Go, go, go.

I put too much pressure on me, on my body, that I hurt my knee yesterday.


And release the pressure again.

This is the motto of this eclipse month.

All is fine.

All is well.

All is perfect.

Let the magic return.

Let it take you in its arms.

Don’t force anything for a moment.

Don’t force yourself to do anything, just for today, and see how it works for you.

It is so hard to get out of the ‘mind discipline’.

Yes, we need discipline.

But we do not need to listen to orders that are not suiting your state of being in the moment.

So instead, what we do is, set up a discipline that is based on what is good for us in that particular period of time.

We listen to what works for others, right?

This kind of gym that make people thinner or firmer? Tell me where to go, I will put myself in it.

Oh yes, but what about listening inside first?

How is your body today?

Very often, we take ‘solutions’ from outside.

Why? Because it is much easier than listening to yourself inside.


It is easier these days to copy the ‘solutions’ of others.

How others live their life and get ‘results’.

Yet, we don’t actually know really what is really going on in their life and how it is all truly reacting in their body.

What we should see and recognise is that they give energy to their self-care.

This is their way.

Your way is to be sure about how you feel.

It is what we hear inside.

It is what the body is telling us.

That is our capital.

That is our wealth.

That is so easy, yet we’ve lost the ease in which to communicate with ourself.

We wake up, and we open the phone, the TV, we talk. we call people.

Basically, at the peak of our inner silence and connection, we jump into the world.

We are not respecting the silence hushing the bliss of the soul, listening to what it has to say.

 We jump up like we are already late, or in need to hear the world telling us what is our programme for the day.

Tell us what we should be, think.

We jump out of ourselves.

We lose the thread.

We do this daily and this is only one example of losing the intimate and close thread to our inner life.

 Listening is your key.

Finding the intimacy.

The key is inside.

The body is talking.

Find the connection to the body.

Honour it. Love it. Pamper it.

Yes, push it to perform, but only when the time is right.

Become the parent.

Trust what you hear.

This will never let you down.

You feel you’ve lost the connection, or maybe you are not sure.

Start by listening.

By making less noise.

The noise covers the inner conversation and the messages from the soul and the body get lost.

We forget the pains we have by making noise, or putting our attention out to the world.

The attention to what we perceive is essential, just isn’t anymore.

Because we avoid it, it is frightening.


Because we feel powerless in front of our pains and anxieties of life.


Because we’ve lost our link to our inner voice.

Because we’ve learnt to listen to outer solutions.

The doctors, the parents, the monks, the coaches. All the people we were told to trust. And we believed it, right?

Until it all shook in our lives.

It did not seem to work.

Here we are, still with our pains and the outer solutions that did not really work.

Then what to do?

Try other solutions, other religions… a never ending circle of listening to others’ ideas.

Nothing will ever work if you don’t harmonise the solutions to what is needed in yourself.

Your body knows.

Your soul knows.

Don’t look for outer solutions, baby.

Come back home.

Stay home and listen.

Find your guidance.

Create your own guide.

Try everything that you feel is good.

You will not find it right away.

It is a path of building up the confidence.

Between you and your inner guidance.

You will make mistakes and you will adjust.

And it is a path of learning. But how empowering!

And the channel of energy will open more and more.

You will build your strength.

And most importantly, you will build your trust in yourself.

Trusting yourself.

That is key for life.

For everything you do.

You know you have the solution inside. Nobody but you has it.

My knee is my teacher today.

I will release the pressure and I will listen to my body and to my soul even more.

Release more pressure.

Blow the breath of self-love and allow myself to be chill, quiet, loving.

Like a sunset breeze.

Like the first hour of the day.

Without any pressure, any duty.

Just being.

Just being for a moment.

Without any purpose.

Letting all parts of me breathe without any push or pull.

Recover the rhythm of the sacred.

Breathing softly into all of me.


Finding my inner lullaby.

Remembering the gentle, the soft, the loving, for a moment.

All my body cells are receiving the realignment.

Rebuilding the self-love.

One breath at a time.