When we feel a very strong emotion, it’s very often attached to something we’ve left behind in our life that we’ve closed down.

We close it down because we are afraid of it.

We’re afraid of what is behind the door.

We block emotions because we know that if we dare to look at them, or if we live these emotions, we fear that we will be in troubled waters and that we are not able to face them or to deal with them.

So instead, we push them deep down, away, somewhere within ourselves, and we close the door.

Whenever you feel anxiety, or a very big depression moment, or some really, really big frustration or irritation and you simply don’t want to look at it, what’s happening is a real moment of transcendence.

A moment offered to you by your soul, because behind the door, the place where you’ve kept those strong emotions locked away, is quite sacred.

Because behind the door, it’s really who you are that you have kept secret, from yourself and from the world.

Why do you feel the strong emotion? Why does it appear when you thought you’d pushed it down and locked it away?

This is no accident at all.

There is never an accident.

It’s always, always prepared by your soul, by yourself, deep down.

Yourself, deep down, wants to live and experience something that has been secretly hidden because it’s time to reveal it.

It’s time to unleash the power that you hold, that’s currently behind that door you closed shut.

 We have been told all of our lives that what lies behind the door is very frightening.

Some call it the darkness, or the darkness of the soul, or the darkness of the human being.

It’s something that is quite dark, that is not friendly, to you as a conscious human being.

The more you think about it, the more you want to escape from it.

Who wants to go into the darkness and face strange creatures?

Very few people.

So what happens is, we have an experience, it triggers a fear (and it’s triggering the fear of the past that you have already lived, and you don’t want to live that again, right? )

The more you do that, the more intense the need to escape the fear, the more the fear becomes charged.

What you need to know is that what lies beyond the door is not darkness.

It is not frightening at all.

What is frightening is the fear of your emotion, and what is it?

Remember when you were young, and you were afraid to express yourself because you knew that the work of your soul, your light, your infinite love was not accepted, was not allowed, was marked or muted?

Remember when you were told to be like everybody else, to live a ‘limited’ way of being?

Basically, whatever your soul wanted to share as an unlimited expression of love and light, any gift that was without boundaries, any crazy ideas that you, the child, had were not allowed.

At that moment, what happened?

You had an emotion.

You were afraid to express it, but inside you, there was no fear.

So behind that door?

It’s not fear, It’s the gift. It’s the light. It’s the power.

The real power of your soul resides in the place you’ve been taught to fear.

That moment, when you weren’t allowed to share your true expression, a separation between you and the light that that you carry, between you and your soul was created.

This separation became form, it became the door that I’m speaking about.

Each time life asked you to express your gifts or was proposing an idea, or  an opportunity became available, and you were afraid to express it, this separation became wider,  the door became thicker and more heavy.

In the separation, the fear became real and now as an adult, the door of separation is so thick that a false consciousness has been formed.

A fake consciousness telling you that behind the door is fear and darkness.

This is NOT REAL.

It’s time now to embrace your truth.

When there is anxiety rising in you, or depression, or any kind of strong emotion that you cannot hold in your heart or in your mind, recognize that it based on something that you have fabricated to protect the light that is inside.

When people say ‘embrace your darkness’, hello, behind the door is not the darkness.

There’s no darkness to embrace.

The darkness is the limit you put on yourself, to stop your light from shining.

When you feel that strong emotion and feel scared, fearful or anxious, visualize the door.

If you open the door, you will realize that there is nothing dark behind it, nothing that will limit you.

It will simply offer you back the power of all that you are, and the light that you will now really shine on the world, that will bring a lot of joy to yourself and to others.