Eternal Belonging

Eternal Belonging

Dear love, don’t be sad, life is a stream of joy. We are all raised in the view that joy happens, then leaves and we are left with a hollow space, a void of sadness. But we are connecting to the real stream of life, as nothing stops, it is an evolving journey of love. One thing brings another one. And we gather to share and enjoy what we came to share. And joy abounds. And drama abounds too. And we enjoy the exchange and we are reassured we are together. And then comes the moment of going back to our lives.

We feel separated from this cocoon of love, or this root of life, we are tied all together. And this tie is profound and it is there, in us all along. Deep down it is this thing that sustains our faith in human life because we have been separated from God as we came here on earth.Sometimes we lose faith thinking we are not belonging to anything, and we are floating in solitude. But really this root is strong in us whether we live together, whether we share physical experiences or not. We always share. And that is the beauty of the sacred link between us, those who came on this earth together. We create something together and it is strong and enlightening. We know. And we respect the link.

Then we all leave for something out of the sacred nucleus. And we go create something in the world. We respond to the natural flow of that which is pulling us from our soul mission, calling. And we add joy to the world. When the mission is complete we go back to the gathering. And the gathering is like getting the pieces of the puzzle together. All the pieces are transformed and the puzzle is always perfect.

It takes a few days to find the magical balance and sometimes it hurts, it feels a bit strange but it all dissipates into the forgiveness, the gratitude, the recognition of the perfect balance.

Don’t be sad, all is perfect. Don’t get attached to that moment of perfect balance, of enjoyment of the moment. This joy came as a gift and is moved away like the scent of a rose. The rose will leave and it is time to let it go in the wind because this wind is bringing new territories of life, new experiences waiting to be explored. It is magical. One rose brings the next. Be grateful for the rose. Be reassured the next one is birthing. Don’t be attached to the one that goes away with the wind, don’t let your energy drop and miss the next bliss coming to you.

Let time bring you the vision of the next life coming to you.

Let yourself embark on the next adventure.

Be in faith so you can embark darling.

Some go, some stay, some leave, some come back later, some go far, some leave this realm…And we are all together in this consciousness, in this physical world or not. And we have a hard time with separation. It goes back to our first separation from God. Which we don’t remember, it is a view of humanity. It is an illusion.

But how can we believe in the continuation? In the permanent essence of who we are, always connected to god, to the sacred nucleus of the creator, of our sacred family? How can we go back to our true nature? How can we stop believing in separation, and perpetuating it in all we are living…?

We don’t believe in the magic of the eternal family with god, with our beloved here. And we are seeking in the world, in ourselves, or anywhere in the world that thing that left us, that left us in pain, or need, or a fake need because The creator did not leave. But we still mourn that separation.

And we strive on searching the replacement, the filling of this void in our depth of being. And we search and we cannot find it. We blinded ourselves. We think and we try to fulfil ourselves differently so we activate all ideas. And at the end of the road we are still sad, we could not find the eternal joy in the world. Or we declined our hope.

What should we do to recover this truth and believe in the continuation of the flow of joy, of spiritual belonging? Can we re-learn?

Praying, finding the link in all life to the sacred.

Gratitude for the invisible life.

Giving to the beloved knowing you share the same essence…

All these are the keys to our reconnection to our eternal belonging.