Discovering your True Self

Discovering your True Self

The first step in connecting with your creativity is finding again the connection to your soul. This means shining a light on your spiritual path and discovering who you truly are.

We are all born in this world into a family and a society where everybody’s going to make demands from you. From the beginning we learn that others want us to do something – or be something in order to be loved. No baby can survive if he is not loved. The first instinctual act of any being on this earth is to please the mother, father, the carer, the school, the society.

 The baby comes into this earth as a pure soul in a new body, the soul knows why it’s coming and what it has to express on this earth, but because we learn to transform ourselves to please the world, we slowly start to repress who we truly are, which is the soul and we slowly we forget about it. Imagine!

The soul is this beautiful being, like a ball of light inside yourself and you have hidden it in order to become who you want to be in this world, in order to become loved and seen as successful by others. Because you want people to look at you and say ‘yes we love you’, from the beginning, you’re going to create a new ‘you’. It’s an unconscious process. This new you, I’m calling the ego. We all have an ego that’s well constructed around us. It’s like a protection against the world’s harshness. I’m not criticising it, but I’m saying we need to be aware of how we’ve created another being that is not our true self. The spiritual path is just acknowledging that you have created an ego whilst recognising at the same time that your soul is in you. Why am I talking so much about that? Because the soul is you and the soul wants to express in our lives. We all create an ego to become someone in society that everyone is going to love – and to have success, that’s the goal that we have as soon as we arrive here. We are all, – I don’t want to say ‘rat on a wheel’ as that’s awful, we are all beings who are rushing and running everywhere in order to be loved and successful.

Today the first step to finding your soul is to recognise that you are an ego and a soul and it’s very important to shine a light on that to show that if what you have created does not spring from your soul, it needs to be transformed. You need to recognise the demands of your ego, and step back from them so you can discover who you are truly, and what gifts are lying in your soul, waiting for you. By expressing those gifts you will be completely transformed and experience a really joyful life.

I think the best way to connect with your spiritual life, your soul, your deep self is to meditate. Meditation is the key to anyone who wants to connect to their true self. It’s a way to move beyond the noise of society that has dictated to you so many times before. Today it’s time to just focus on who you really are. Be in silence or with amazing music, go inside yourself and connect to that inner voice…

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