Dear Goddess, a New Path 

Dear Goddess, a New Path 

I have been away and I feel the energy has shifted. 

Each time I leave my work and my life, I leave everything for the land. I try hard when I am there to hold to the routine of creating what I was creating before I left. 

It is not easy because there is a big time difference, because I am swept away in another energy, a total change of everything. 

And that is why my soul is driving me to this place of social emptiness, of social disconnect. 

The threads I have been working on slowly detach from my energy, they take a different level of importance. I start living in the moment. I connect to the land, I connect to the source of the energy of who I am. There is nothing that really can hold on to me. 

It is always happening like that. 

And it is fascinating to watch. 

The most important threads of mundane in my life, fade in me. I become myself again with no attachments. It is sometimes frightening. The ego always reacts with emotions like boredom or fear of the void… Hungry to hold onto something tangible. Because the void is frightening to our ego, to our social being-ness. We feel suddenly out of the game of life, we feel like nothing as we do not participate in the unceasing wheel of social life. 

And yet as you detach yourself from this mayhem of creation, you are reconnecting inside to your soul and essence. 

It takes a few days to detach and clear the threads that are holding you onto obligations. Then you feel the release of the stress of this inner tension. 

Letting go is brave but it is good. 

It is so beneficial. 

As I come back, everything looks different to me. My consciousness has shifted. There is no doubt. 

It is a clear feeling. 

It will take some time to reconnect to it all. 

But keeping this invaluable sense of distance is important. 

This break has given you this magical energy. 

You have shifted. 

So you look at things differently. 

Keep the distance inside yourself, do not plunge straight into your activity as you were before, where you where before you left. 

It is not relevant anymore. 

You have changed, the energy of the world has changed too. 

Stay up where you are. 

Stay connected to your wisdom and peace you regained on the land. 

Write about what you are seeing, how you feel about what you left behind and what it is showing to you today. 

Plan for the next months. 

Rewrite your vision. 

It has changed. You feel it. 

Write about it to make it tangible in your energy and in your mind. 

If you stay on the older energy it will show blockages and limitations. 

And it will show you these anyway. It is usually a time of seeing all the old stuff that is getting outdated to you and in you and your creative energy. 

It is a time to shed away the unnecessary. 

Let’s keep this wonderful energy we gathered on the land that is fresh, hopeful, new, vibrant, and that feels so creative. 

Feel loaded with these energies. 

It is a great feeling. 

It has to stay and manifest the next chapter of life. 

A new path.