‘Dance has been the physical expression of my soul since an early age when I danced for celebrations in Morrocco where I grew up.

Dance is my life as life is a dance.

I am a flamenco dancer and a dancer for spirit in this world.’

Karen Ruimy , Dance
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My next dance show is called Humana and it will open in London before the end of this year. We created the piece in March 2020, but were stopped from opening at Sadlers Wells by the lock-down. The story-line is incredibly close to our current reality where I am depicting how the pandemic and society has transformed human beings, taking them far away from their true nature. As a magnetic mix between the worlds of contemporary dance and flamenco, Redha Benetifour, who studied with the great Martha Graham and over the last few decades has become lauded for his work on a large scale across the entertainment industry, has choreographed and artistically directed the piece.

Dance is my life

Dance is the expression of my soul through my body. I become as one when I dance.  I am at one with music, receiving and sharing incredible energies of light and love. Dance is ecstatic, joyful and vibrant and I cannot live without it.
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