Cracking Another Layer of Resistance

Cracking Another Layer of Resistance

Je ressens que cette fragilité dans laquelle j’ai été projetée est un nouvel etat d’esprit pour moi, un nouvel etat spirituel,

I feel that this fragility in which I have been thrown into again is a new state of being, a new spiritual beingness… One step beyond in my work…

I really love my life.

I woke up and needed fresh air, oxygen… I think I am in such fear mode these days- I can feel my whole body lacking air.

I went into the living room and opened the big glass door to the garden and the fresh air engulfed the house. I set my yoga mat there and started my yoga -receiving the morning wind, refreshing my lungs, my whole body, my mind. Coming back slowly to the surface on this life and dimension, after so many dreams.

There I found my physical balance, I tuned into my body who was showing its weaknesses, and the movement really soothed them, healed them for the day. My whole body felt the flow again in its joints and cells. Sure I have some issues to sort out but the general flow was there for me.

This mornings breeze feels like a blessing to me. The sun is shining and the air is caressing me.

Thank you Goddess.  On Easter Sunday I received the Goddess from the morning until the end of the day. It was a soft and light pink energy. A soothing energy. But I was not able to function totally in the 3rd dimensional world. I just could be. I could not function. My connection to the 3D world was kind of fuzzy. My face looked different. I had to embrace that energy and state as there was nothing I could really do about it.

I got the message of this new vulnerability that I am experiencing in this time. In a way it is like spirit and my higher self are being more present . My soul wants me to crack another layer of defense in my being. And it is the pure essence of your spiritual work. Cracking the layers of defense, of falseness you have accumulated in order to protect yourself and survive in this world. Really seeing my resistance to the spiritual path, to my progress.

Shedding one layer of resistance.

One more.

Yes one more.

It came with the 2 eclipses period. I thought it was a big boom in me and then it would be goodbye. No. It is a stronger and deeper energy than that and wants me to address another layer of my personality that is definitely not in accord with what is coming to me in my life. That is the positive way of looking at it. You are transforming for a more expanded you, an expanded life, a higher energy.


But hello.. this layer has to shed away darling.

It came to me as a tornado, not like the sweet breeze of the morning.

So be it.

At least I got the message.

I am open now to receive that transformational energy that is shaking me. I am allowing it to happen – it will create more grace in the process. I can see and feel it coming to me. I can laugh about it, thank god, much better than freaking out I’m telling you!

Today I realised that I am entering a phase of more fragility. All my truths and ideas are going to be revisited, revised, shifting to a new dimension of my life.

Some things are going to transform, some are going to be transmuted away from my reality.

I will be more conscious of that process and then not resisting so much.

I remember that feeling of having less protection, of being vulnerable. The emotions are heightened. Everything can upset you or touch you in a deeper way. You are then more compassionate. You are hearing more, you are seeing more. The veils are thinner.

It is not comfortable but it is an amazing sensory path to be on.

It is then that your inner conversation is sharper.

You are able to tap into your creativity at a deeper level and in a more sensitive way.

Your whole being is more open.

With time you will reclaim your protected state but at a higher level of vibration.

Basically you leave part of your human shield in order to dig inside and clear some unfitting energies, to find new treasures. Then when you have connected to your higher level of expression, you will reconstruct that shield. It is more comfortable as a human being to confront the energies of the world which are not of the highest. But it will create some kind of stagnation, of too much protection in order to rise. This mechanism is natural and a necessary function in the world.  It is a balance to achieve, how much protection will allow you to function smoothly and how much protection will allow still to connect and express your deep self.

So I am welcoming this new period in my life with happiness – as I am balanced. I feel ready as I am conscious of it. I am not in the ignorance anymore,  I am not in the “what is going on? Am I losing my balance, my calm, my peace?” I have been shaken out for a good reason. Some stuff in my life are showing themselves differently and I needed to see that. I needed to shift my consciousness about my habits, my thinking about my life, activities, relationships, etc…

Everything is revised in that moment. This is quite amazing. Disruptive, frightening. But definitely when you find the understanding of what is going on – it is refreshing.

I am allowing this energy to shake it up. I am praying that I can find balance every day, that I can find clarity, that my guides surround me if the transformation is a bit rough.

I am calling on the energy of the goddess to smooth the path in front of me and talk me through this new path.


So be it and so it is.