Co Creation in the Fifth Dimension

Co Creation in the Fifth Dimension

Move your energy into a tube of light that connects you to the centre of Mother Earth,
Send the light to exchange with her.
Enjoy the moment
Send the same light to the centre of the universe
Connect and exchange

Centre yourself into the heart of your heart chakra
And it opens again
It is me, it is you.
It is the divine self connecting here.

Go into the world with your open heart,
Do not judge your experience,
Enjoy your ride.

Know that everything is here to teach you,
And that you are learning.
Life will bring you your ecstatic experiences more and more as you open your heart more. You will be attracting the magical path to yourself and it will feel so natural, as you are already in this dimension of co-creation of the fifth dimension.

An escapade to the 3rd and 4th is always a good experience full of teaching but not delicious. So stay focused in your heart. Stay centred in your world of the heart.
There is nothing that will retain you in 3rd or the 4th dimension unless you desire it.

Transform your experience into the light and joy.
Your experiences need you in the 5th. 
Anything not resonating there should leave your life my love.
You are the creator.

Where is the grand scheme?
Always ask yourself this question.
Let the wisdom flow from you.
You are a receiver of wisdom, a transformer
You are here to inspire people.
Come on baby wake them up!
It is your role. 
Inspire them to be who they are, 
the world is needing this.