Release the stress with the Goddess energy

Release the stress with the Goddess energy

Stress is showing up during the night.
I felt a glimpse of understanding about it coming to me today.
During the night I am pressing my jaws like I am living a threat.
What on earth can threaten me?
The fear of failing?
The fear of anything… The anxiety in general that builds up, that I am not addressing. I guess there is also a lot of worrying coming from the planetary energies.
Unresolved energies
Stressful energies.

Stuck stuff.. instead of shifting it away.

First thing is to resolve things as much as you can, along your path. Manage and measure your level of tension that the experiences in life can bring you.

I feel that when we are living too many things at the same time, they get stuck up in our psyche like a ball of threads. You did not have the time nor space to address the overload. So it takes a while for them to relax and disappear from your stress levels.

Life has brought me so much in a short period of time.
I know I am creating it all, but I must say the timing was quite extraordinary.

So when you create – ask also for harmony and a respect for your rhythm.
Sacred rhythm.
Let all your bodies, physical & multi-dimensional, be respected in their integrity.

Also adrenaline is hard to disperse.
You have lived a very high energy, it cannot disappear from your system so easily. The system needs to get used to it. It is a bit shocked..
All these elements have repercussion on the inside of our mind, on our inner system.

So it’s time to de-stress the system,
To let go of this high peak of energy.

Letting go.
Do a ceremony of letting go.

This ceremony is to be used after a period of time when all experiences that are intense in your life and really build up the adrenaline or stress inside.  These pollute you inside whether you realize it or not.


Meditation helps but do not address it directly, it may take many days of relaxation and meditation where creating a ceremony of letting go is powerfully helping

Letting go of what has happened.
Of the unnecessary energies you are holding onto consciously or unconsciously.
Even if it is all good and fantastic.
The upheaval of success is not easy to manage.
It’s a learning too.
Letting go of the achievements and their repercussions on you.

Letting go….

Breathe deeply 3 times
Breathe deeply
Breathe deeply
Breathe out the excess of energy you have accumulated – that you do not need. Including the excitement too.

Absorb that energy of the ceremony.
Chilling all your bodies.
Letting go of the past excitement, tiredness, overdoing it…
Letting go of the stress of the success.
And the stress of the fear of failure that was and still is haunting us.

Going back to a normal rhythm of life.

Learning to go back.

Grounding yourself deep in mother Earth
She will embrace your self, and your excesses
Let her take you in her arms, in her womb.
Stay within her womb and let yourself be cradled. And release the tension, the pressure in yourself. Let yourself be. Simply again.
Release and breathe.
It will take a little while.
Call in the energies of transmutation, of healing.

There will be a release happening in different layers.

Do one step at a time, in one or different ceremonies.

The grounding will deepen.

The feeling of peacefulness will arise.

The unconscious clinching of the teeth and muscles will start to fade away, sleeping will have better quality.

Thank the experience. But let go of all tension that was triggered through it. Bless the experience, bless the stress away.
Thank Mother Earth for receiving and grounding you.
Feel the tension shifting.
Let it be transmuted into pure light.

Feel the shift.

Feel the release.

Breathe it in and out many times.

Enjoy the feeling.

If needed do it as a small ceremony-prayer before going to bed.

Thank you Goddess