Calling To Transformation

Calling To Transformation

It is funny the universe is calling me these days to transform again.

All signs are coming to me telling me there is another me in preparation. The shell needs to crack again. Oops. How ready am I?

Only in my consciousness of today I feel ready. What does it mean ?
I truly feel in myself that I am not getting the meaning of it yet.

I know how to open myself,  how to open my consciousness, be ready to receive the energy and the vision of it, and this works during my quiet moments. But as soon as life comes back to me, the busy one,  I am back to my usual self.

Am I really paying attention ?

I think so but I deeply know that I need a deepening of my consciousness again to allow the new, the new definition of who I may become, to come to my awareness.

So it is not only opening your eyes. It is about having your inner self opening to more possibilities. Going back to your dreams, to your impossible, to your limits. Revisiting them.

Last year, you acknowledged them and also in a way stopped them from growing too much, too fast to create who you are today. They were different. They look totally old and small today in your consciousness.

Actually what is going on is the same.

You are conscious, yet enough of the limits are keeping you in a shell. You are outgrowing the shell. The signs and the messages don’t stop coming to me. And yet I am looking around, I don’t feel so tight yet in my life. What those signs are telling me is that I am comforting myself in an old paradigm again.  I am not seizing the energy for the next step. My ego is quite satisfied with the life I am living right now. The dreams have been manifesting, I am living my dream.
Hello what dream? The ones I dreamt a few years ago…
It is time to revisit it all.
No comfort. No fear. Putting light on it all.

Realising I am living my dreams in a constricted manner.Unveiling the walls, the limits, the shame, the fear to go beyond !

It is a path of constant transformation.
No dream is valid anymore as you make it solid manifestation!

The dream is pure energy. It passes through you. It catches your attention. You receive it, you desire it, you create it. But it is already gone back to the universal energy. It does not exist anymore. You have manifested a version of it. Great. Time to move on.

Time to connect again and feel this pure energy in you.
Is it matching this old dream ?
Is this old dream representing who you have become?

You cannot imprison pure energy. We all tend to solidify our dreams too much. Being humble in the process is key. Humble enough to see and feel the transformation of the energy in the universe and in yourself. Humble enough to be the student of life and learn everyday what is awaiting for you.

I love it too – as it is so refreshing.

Life is never a dull moment when you open yourself to the listening.

Be open to receive.

Stay connected in your meditation, in your prayers.

Open your consciousness.

Ask your guides to show you the way, with grace.

Graciously reveal the old and let the new energy invade your consciousness.