We are living between two realities, two dimensions and today we can feel it more than ever.
The reality is bringing us into the dimension of fear and threat.
The inner dimension is opening you to a lighter, brighter consciousness still to discover, still to embrace more fully.
It’s key to go through this unknown right now.

Which one do you choose for yourself?

Which one defines you?

Which one do you want that will be the making of your creations of your experiences?

Which one?

And you know it’s an easy choice.
You know one is light and tapping into the higher energy of yourself.
You know the other is heavy and locking you down into an abyss of overthinking, over-fearing, over planning. It’s easy to feel the difference, but as humans stuck in our ego reality, it’s such a hard decision for us to choose love over fear, to choose what is yet to be discovered in the realm of the invisible.
And it is real.
We need to choose.
We need to take charge.
We cannot simply let ourselves be invaded and drowned by this doomy moment of the world.

The world is changing at a very fast pace, and we can see what we have been discussing since the beginning of this transformative year 2020.
We are deciding how to handle the change.

Do I let go of my stiffness in order to change?

Do I open my mind to the opening of the consciousness, to all the manifestation of the new energy?

There is an energy storm at the minute.

Be ready for all transformation.
Be open to all that is incredible
Be open and flexible.

Nothing in your life defines you or has ever defined you except your love, your expression of love, your relationships of love and care.
Nothing else.
Your belongings, your ideas of life, your ideas of who you are, your desires of any kind of ambition, any possessions.
Nothing but love defines you.
So all these things are meant to take their true importance in your energy field.
To leave space for the real, for the real you.

I am that I am all light indeed.

Anything that is not in the definition of your expression of your love will be reviewed, will feel heavy or heavier in times of transformation.
You will get the message from the universe.
Whatever needs to shift away from you will be shown to you.
It is not for you to worry about anymore, it is to tell you this spiritual storm is to free you from all the heavy stuff you’ve carried on your back since childhood.

Be open to see, to understand, to shift, to let go.
Be open, breathe.
Pray for your opening and understanding, bless yourself and your world,
Be grateful for the change.
It does not feel like a gift, but it is.
Be ready to be lighter.

The conscious shift to the dimension of your soul, of your higher self is a big choice.
Choosing to focus yourself in the energy of your higher self in this period is an amazing power.