In a disruptive world, what should we do?

Continue to do your work relentlessly, until such times that it’s really about you. Until such times that it’s happening in your reality. 

To you. To your energy. 

Staying in a high energy is key in a world that seems threatening.In the past, we didn’t have the access to information in the way we do now. Yes, the consciousness was thicker, but we simply didn’t weren’t present to, or nor did we realise how much negativity there was in the world. 

Your soul has called for that consciousness to open.And you will say: ‘I did not call for that’, but you did. We all did. 

And the experience of the disruption will teach us what we are called to learn here. We pray always that the learning happens in grace.And for this to happen we needs to be connected at our centre.The world is what is, and you are what you want to be. 

Protect yourself and project who you are. 

What are you trying to project in the world?

Who are you?
What do you want to create?
What do you want to participate with?

All these questions are crucial for you to know the answer to, because when you do, you are no longer dependent on the world outside of you.

You live proactively.

You live in sync with your soul.

Today the world has more and more disruptions, and you have the choice to be afraid, and react to it by participating to the panic. Or you have the choice to step back and say: 

Who am I in this whole scenario of life?

Am I part of the whole scenario?

Is it part of my soul path to contribute to it, in a positive or negative way?

Participating in the fear and the panic will make things more complicated, you will live from your ego, because only the ego can participate in fear.

So, it’s time to stand back and breathe for a minute.

Feel where you stand inside yourself.

Are you confused in your mind by all the information you receive?

Start clearing the heart by connecting inside to your pure heart centre and breathe.

Let yourself enjoy, for a moment, your deep sense of peace, of calmness.

It is necessary before you decide anything.

Your decisions need a calm place to view both you and life.

From the chaotic mind there can only be chaos.

Address your inner heart.

Appease the disruptive energies within yourself.

And when you reach that state of calmness, come back to who you are.

From that state, you can look at life’s circumstances.

From the eye of the tornado.

There, in your centre, you will be able to recharge your whole energy from the divine source within yourself.

And there you will feel who you are, you will tune into your soul energy.

Who I am is what I want to express, here and now.

Now, you can have a conversation with yourself.

Now you have a sacred moment of healing and protection of your field and of energy.

Now you know your field of energy is sacred. Nothing can harm it if you stand strong in it, believing in who you are and your divine energy.

Nothing is stronger than that, darling.


Once you’ve recovered your own energy, your centre of existence, ask yourself how you feel in the disruptive world situation you’re experiencing.

Do you feel called to jump in and help? Do you feel called to something else?

You will always be called from your soul to be the best of yourself.

Always, as long as you keep the sacred connection available to you, to your consciousness today.

When you are strong in this, you will create a way out of the disruption, your life and creations will flourish and be of service.

Positive creations are needed to transmute negative energy.

When you stay in your positive attitude, you will deploy this energy around you.

You will send a message of calm, of joy.

It is a healing for you, and for the people around you.

They will receive it as a balm of serenity, unconsciously.

It will guide you intuitively to act wisely in order to protect your physical body and whole life situation.

Listen to that inner voice. It goes to all details of life. Even when you’re washing your hands, you feel the draw to do it.

Every small thing you do, every action you make and take, is part of the bigger design of life.

When you stand still in your higher energy, you are offering a relief to the world around you. You centre yourself, you protect your field of energy, then you project your energy.

Being in the sacred does not mean being unrealistic.

When you are aligned. again you will feel your particular call to action.

When you are not aligned, you will participate in the panic, in the chaos, losing track of yourself, and throwing yourself in a turmoil of energies that you don’t control.

And you are like a piece of wood in the storm.

No more roots. Nothing to hold on. And it heightens the confusion of all.


You dec