Be Creative, Go Further, Get Wilder…

Be Creative, Go Further, Get Wilder…

The tarot today is telling me to go ahead and be creative, go further, get wilder… Be open to new territories.

So what is my dream now?

What are the limits I need to overcome to be wild… creative?

I felt that I was seeing myself in a limited manner.

We all create our own prisons.

We all make our own frustrations.We believe in a world. Then we create it.

We believe in a life, then we create it.

We believe in fears, in limitations, then we create them.

And when we live this life with our beliefs, we manifest them. That is it.

Then we wonder… “Why am I not able to reach my dream, why am I frustrated?


When looking back to a few years ago, you thought you could not reach that mountain. So this mountain became a real limit to you, a real block to your desire, to your progress. We all create mountains in and around ourselves.

And you know… When we discover the blocks… That is when we find ourselves crying, suffering, hitting our head against a wall. Feeling so frustrated you are not able to fight it.

Why? Because deep inside yourself you have cut the hope, the courage and the belief that you could reach the mountain. So there is a block there in you that is so strong, it is the belief you have accepted that you could not make it. The reasons are numerous, afraid, ashamed, misunderstanding, not committed to yourself etc…

This blockage now needs to be shifted and made to disappear.

I am ready for a bigger life.

I am ready to express my grand energy.

I am clearing away the blockages, the fears, the shames in me that stop me from being who I am. That stop me from expressing my talent, my art, my biggest energy… from enjoying myself and connecting with the people, offering them a moment of joy and enlightenment.

We create our own poison, don’t we?

How can we free ourselves from this?

Why are we our worst enemies?

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, in your capacity to create your dream… Then nobody else will do it for you.

There are no limits in your life, in your creative field, only your beliefs.

Your beliefs will manifest the world around you.

You will succeed only in the stuff you think you can succeed in.

If you have accepted a belief you will fail… It could be a long time ago… But you have created the failure already.

How can you shift this?

Going back, deep into your mind, into your thoughts.

You have to dig deep in yourself.

Ask yourself lots of questions.But then be totally honest.

Be true to yourself.

Start writing about your feelings about yourself, your self-judgment, your judgment of others. Look at this closely and watch where you are bringing limitation.

When we judge, we react to a fear. A fear of something we made ourselves foreign to. Be aware of all the emotions you are holding inside that are not pure light but heavy weights on your heart and create in you judgmental reactions. These are purely mechanisms of self-protection. Because when we are in fear we don’t believe we can achieve our goals or our dreams.

Then we protect ourselves with judgment of ourselves or others.

All this needs to shift… To be cleared in order for the spirit to breathe free again and be able to express itself.

Track down those frustrations and understand the whole process of protection. When we want to protect ourselves from our fears, we create limitations through judgments. The effect is negative. The protection is blocking our free expression, it is stopping us from reaching our dreams.

Meditate on (think about) how to open your mind to non-judgment… How to look at life with a fully open mind, embracing all truths.

Imagine the wind blowing away all these negative ideas you used to have. Breathe in the wind of positive and loving energy.

Breathe out the old limitations. Do it 10 times.

Visualise the process as you are breathing in and out.

Say goodbye to the limits and fears.

Welcome the new energy of trust and enthusiasm inside you.

Listen to your heart, to its secret dreams, desires.

Spend time with your dreams.

Write them down.

Each time you feel a judgment coming, try to clear it by understanding how it was conceived in you.

Let it go. Release the tension it holds in you.

This poisonous energy will be released from your mind, from your energy field, from your field of opportunity.

It is time to re-create yourself.