Be A Transformational Being

Be A Transformational Being

I really feel it is about the bigger picture now.

I need to sit down and see where I want to be in 5 years, may be 10 years…  Which feels frightening.

I live so in the moment that it is difficult for me to look at the future.

I like spontaneity.

To live in the moment.

To enjoy each and every moment of my life.

To savour life

To create magic around all that I am doing.

To clean and clear my life when I feel it is necessary for the release of lower energies.

To allow and welcome the new, the fresh, so that the cleaning & clearing becomes a pleasure.

I love every minute that I celebrate, I celebrate life in all possibilities I have.

And yet I know I am closed to so many other things, because I tend to stick to what has brought me magic, so that when it fades away I feel it. It takes a little while to believe it.  It is funny, we are such creatures of habit and security.

That is why I never think about the bigger picture.

I believe the path of savouring the moment, honouring each and every moment will bring me to my bigger picture.

But the mind is tricky.

The mind traps us in what we think is best for us. And yes it is true in that first instance, when you felt the magic. But then you evolve, life transforms itself and what was true is not anymore.

The mind was happy to find something to hang onto and create as a wall to lean on.  A habit. Something sure,  something potent,  something concrete that is not dependent on the wind of change.

But life is like the wind.  You have to sail and you have to fly, and then you will live in the ecstasy of what it can bring to you.

The mind does not like the wind as it unsettles all verified truths. So we all have to enjoy sailing and be ready to transform our lives all the time.

There is no certainty of where we have to live, of what we have to do in this world. Nothing is true forever, except the love that you are embodying, expressing, living, breathing, being.

Be ready in your mind to be a transformational being. Train yourself to open your eyes to all possibilities. Train yourself to watch whenever you get a habit.

Look at it and wonder about the energy of it. Is it a weight in your life? Is it impeding you to look at other avenues? Is life wanting you to shift and you are not listening because this habit was bringing you comfort, pleasure, a good energy at one time?

Nothing will be in the way of the energy of transformation in your life.

Not even your habits, your set ideas, your judgments, your knowledge gathered from your past experiences.

All these fade in the power of the energy of the wind of transformation.

Be always open and prepared so you will not suffer from the ripping of those set energies in you. Be able to let it float in you. This is your own work in the consciousness that you carry.

And this is why the bigger picture is actually good for you.

It will allow your matrix of energy to prepare to receive the future energy of your life. It will allow your inner self to easily shed the old energies that very often push you away from your dream and from your vision.
Having a bigger picture of where you want to go is preparing yourself for it, consciously or unconsciously.

It does not mean you stop living in the moment.

That is the key of allowing both phenomena in you.

Enjoy the moment, honour the energies that go through you.
And at the same time view where you want to go.

It is an equilibrium of life.

The goal will also shift with time and so will your own transformation, because your own consciousness will deepen, widen and brighten your vision. Your own shift will shift your dreams, it will expand it and align it to your higher energy.

Live in the moment.

Create the moment.

Live the vision.

The Goddess has spoken.

Metatron too.