This is the time for us to wake up.

Previously, we’ve been living in a 3D/4D dimension of fear, struggle and material gain.

What happened in the story of humanity is the next dimension came and said, ‘hey guys, let’s get on the train and go to the next station. It’s time.’ 

I don’t have the whole vision.

Nobody does, but what I do know is that we need to be on board without fear, and we do this by connecting to the heart centre.

Connecting to the sacred heart, the sacred energy of the soul.

Whenever we connect to it, we are at our next dimension destination.

In this dimension, we have to purge the old world so that we have the power to step up and access all of our tools that allow us to stay out of fear and in positivity.

It sounds really simple, but it’s really deep.

It’s really deep knowing the world is not you, and you are not the world.

Who are you?

Are you defined by the world of the 3D or the 4D?

Or are you defined by the higher dimension?

When you’re in fear, you’re not in your sacred heart.

It’s the exact opposite of the higher dimension.

Fear resides deep down in the root chakra.

It’s your survival mode.

It’s a survivor space for all of us, it’s our 3D existence.

So when you are in fear, what do you do?

You really have to connect to your sacred heart.

You really have to find this energy in yourself, believe in it and you have to stay there and spend a lot of time with it until you really grasp it, until you really have the feeling in your senses, in your soul.

This virus has come here to let us be inside, with ourselves, away from society.

And staying in the 3D existence, the space of fear, watching the news doesn’t help, it’s doesn’t change, it doesn’t bring any solution. It just keeps you in a hole of darkness.

You’ve been telling your mind so many fears, you think you’re so dependent on the society you’ve existed within, that you’ve lost your independence, and with it, you’ve lost your connection to your sacred heart.

So right now, we are all obliged to disconnect from the society in order to reorganize who we are inside.

 It really is sacred timing.

For so long, people have been looking for more and more information from outside, so they listen to the news, and they try to interact with people who are also in fear or selling them things or pretending it’s not happening or real.

Really? You don’t feel this fucking energy?

You need to stay home and chill, yet some people can’t chill because the fear of being quiet is too big.


Because they don’t have the connection to the sacred heart.

So now while you’re in this down time, and there’s an energy storm outside, think of it as a retraining for the next dimension.

Be ready for the transformation and be open to all the incredible possibilities.

Be open and flexible.

Remember that nothing in your life defines you, or has ever defined you, but your love, your expression of love, your relationship of love and care.

Nothing else.

Belongings, ideals of life, ideals of who you are, possessions, desires, they mean nothing.

You are not defined by anything except love.

You retrieve your power when you remember how to connect to your sacred self.

And that time to remember is now.

This is the moment.

This virus is creating a vibratory change of the planet.

Our work is to remember and stay in the sacredness.

You don’t ignore what’s going on and you keep your eyes open, you can hear all the information, but don’t allow yourself to become the gloom. For many of us, it’s almost like an inner fight is happening inside ourselves.

One is you as a human, who wants to go back in the root chakra and curl up and say, I don’t know what to do. I’m so fucking afraid. 

Then you have the you that is connected to your sacred heart, the you that is here and present.

What to do?

Do lots of breath work to really reconnect all the chakras, to clean the fear out of the root chakra, and to really regain belief in your soul and in love and really fill your root chakra with this energy.

Say: okay, ‘I feel my sacred heart, my sacred energy. I feel light.’

Sing and dance, play music and shout and move because it’s very important that the body can express itself and ground this energy of sacredness so that you start to believe it.

Shake your body the way you like and get the fear out and let the energy of life come in.

I know you may be feeling stuck at home, but I think we all need to be creative now. It’s very, very easy to say, okay, I can’t do it. I’m going to sit here. I’m going to eat and watch the news.

You think, ‘oh, it feels good to see that people are like me. It feels good to see them, it feels good.’

Except at the end of the day, you go back down into your root again.

I don’t say: ‘don’t watch the news’, but I say be guarded.

Be guarded.

It’s so important.


It’s not like you have a choice as to whether you want to change or not, we are being transmuted into another reality.

It reminds me of when I left finance, I left my job and then I took on the job at home.

And the day I worked from home, I knew I’d never go back. I said: ‘I can’t go back to an office in my life.’ I knew it.

I feel people are going to have similar realizations because the system no longer work.

Except it’s a big shock for many of us, because we were not ready at all.

But you can get ready.

The power to transmute your material world of fear and struggle is available when you connect to your heart centre.

When you’re in your heart centre, you can receive the higher dimension through the crown chakra.

Hello? Corona? It means crown.

The new energies are coming to you through your crown to raise your vibration.

Keep returning to the centre of your sacred heart, breathe in, and take a step back. Transmute the energy that comes to you that was lower vibration, that was fear-based.

You can heighten the energy and reality and transform it to a higher dimension.

And you will slowly, slowly, step by step, be able to bring each experience to a higher level in your own being and when you do?

The world will transform around you.

We won’t receive this new reality, this new dimensional medicine, unless we open up to it.

If we stay in fear, we are not able to receive.

The transformation right now is the medicine, and the more we close ourselves down to what’s going on and stay in fear, the more we’re going to suffer.

So I invite you to open up and let the transformation come.