A Programme to Transform Your Life

A Programme to Transform Your Life

What is going to transform my life in order that I will express more joy and be more loving of who I am so that I can express who I am?

The main goal in life is really your well-being and we should look at this in a holistic manner because the soul, the mind and the body are all connected. They all need to be taken into account as a new programme for yourself in order for you to feel good and to express who you are in this world. So put aside some time for yourself which I call ‘sacred time’ where you are able to be by yourself, to meditate, write, or create something. This is time when you really connect to your soul, to your inner-self and listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself: “What are my dreams?”… and create your list. That’s the first thing to do in your life, spend time by yourself and create your list of dreams. Take the time to re-connect with your soul. That’s the first thing I would do.

The second thing on your programme will be to really take care of your body, because your body is an image of who you are and of your soul. As there is no disconnection between soul, mind and body, the more you feel well-being in your body the more you will feel well-being on the holistic level in your life in general. Your body needs attention and your body needs exercise. You need to find the best way for you to be happy in doing any kind of exercise, walking, running, gym dance, whatever suits you will be the best. You and only you know what’s best for your body. You can read and you can listen to everything but at the end of the day you have the best advice for yourself. The next point about the body is the need to honour the body cells and the body function and you have to just make a commitment to what you are eating, because eating is the source of well-being. Eating is really a very important issue. And you must also, as with exercise, find what is the best balance for yourself, because again you can read millions of pieces of advice but only you know what is the best for your body.

The third point of this programme is to envisage some creativity: so please have imagination about the creative activity you can engage in so that your soul can express itself: so that you can connect to your inner child who wants to express and realize simple joys. It could be any kind of art or creativity, it could be dancing, singing, drawing: anything creative in your life would be so valuable. And it would be amazing for you to commit yourself to that, because it would be just a pure expression of your soul and it would develop so much energy and well-being in yourself, so do it!

Now a fourth point in your programme is saying: “NO!”. Saying ‘no’ in your life to all activity, all relationships, all things in your life that do not suit you, that are not making your heart sing. All those things you need to reconsider, and be able to say ‘no’ to them.

Life is about giving. I would love you to look at all the people in your life and envisage how you can give to each and every one of them. Just see these people, imagine all of them through eyes of love like a mother looking at her child and imagine how you can give to those people. Because giving is by essence a gift that you have in yourself and as we live in this struggling world we tend to forget about that. Giving would be such a treasure for you. So do it and gift to everybody around you. Last but not least, never forget you are a being of joy. So just express your joy!