A little blog on stress…

A little blog on stress…

I met Jane when she checked me onto my flight to NY, after a day of struggling to get everything right… Our passports at the embassy, visas etc. with all kinds of blocks popping up impeding us to travel on time… You know the system… the usual things…  I did not realise how much stress the whole situation had put me under.

And then I heard “I am not taking stress anymore”.

Yes I met Jane, this gorgeous black lady, a single mom who raised her children with two jobs (I take my hat off to her.) And then I discover she has the same birthday as me, so I listen to her and notice the synchronicity… And there I just felt so much better. Her simple message touched me and just created an reawakening to my truth.

It is really that simple?

Really yes it is.

We need to cut the cord to that stress energy.

Although we need the whole drama, we are hooked to that way of being as part of a whole belief-system.

I have built an ego,  yes, and society loves me for it. I really fit in with my judgments, with my set ideas, with my seductive patterns. And when it does not work as it should, we get upset, nervous, anxious… all of it! We immediately think from that ego mind,  as that is how we are raised and trained…  Stress. Stressed out.

The system is holding us tight in its net.  You get upset, here’s another drama! You get stuck into more and more complicated ties. Who wants that really?

You hook into the things around you, creating links to the people around you. But what kind of links? You are creating Karma really…When you should just let it go, the energy that went wrong… Let it smooth out so it gets realigned, and then you can find peace again in your heart, in your energy field.

Then you can give the day another try. Start again. Give the day a chance to allow your light energy to come up and be expressed instead.

If you bite into the drama around you, you buy into the lower energy… It gets into you and it creates havoc in your different bodies. And of course you loose clarity and well-being. Your cells receive that unclear energy. Your whole matrix of energy will be affected by the unpleasant energy. It will lodge in your weakest points and manifest into physical symptoms.

Listen to Jane, don’t take stress in. Let it pass by your door, even if it really insists on coming to you. Watch the situation and find a way to resist jumping into the drama.

Don’t reclaim your “rights” in this world. Just let it go. The world rights are just hooking you up more to the global drama, where everyone is claiming for more rights fromsociety!  A constant fight. From that constant fight for more, fight for who is right etc… In this drama you are just pouring your energy away into a black hole. You are becoming part of something that does not belong to you.

Live freely. Stay still.

Turn off your ego claims. Turn up your inner voice.

This is why we are amazing beings! We can live our human lives with distance and still be passionate about our life.

Breathe. Stay in the eye of the tornado.

Not an easy step but such a key one.

Trust yourself at that moment. Be strong. Try and you will win your good energy back. And you will learn independence from the world. You will gain strength and balance.

And you will shine peace.

Havoc cannot reach you there.

Listen to Jane.