A Healing Moment in Phoenix, Arizona

A Healing Moment in Phoenix, Arizona

You don’t realise it until it hits you somewhere in the physical body or in your emotions. You feel just out of your own space, you feel somehow that you are not in control of your normal life. You are a bit overwhelmed with a strange feeling that you are not used to…

The healing is hitting you.
The energies are already working on you.
Your soul has an agreement with the ethers.
The land is boosting your spiritual work in progress.

For a moment I regret coming here, I came for a holiday! Not a spiritual process!

But you have no idea what it is all about. Then you get it. You discover that something wrong and unhealthy was developing inside you, that you did not see or did not want to see.

This is the secret of my life progression.

My life is never in snooze mode because I dedicate time to a process, be it conscious or unconscious.

How can I tell you that sometimes I see myself on the top of mountains and I revive, I rejoice, I reconnect, I love life, I love who I am.

Then I check my social media and I see my friends in glitzy galas having lots of fun, looking amazing… When I look so scruffy, bad hair days, hiking fashion omg… and my ego hits me in the face!

“Karen, what are you doing?  You are wasting your time in searching for what? We are still wondering darling! You better get a move on and put your glittery sexy dress on or you may not fit in anymore!”

Oops, sorry life has different goals for me.

I decided a long time ago to dedicate myself to my spiritual trail and I am on it, whether I consciously do it or not. And the results are amazing…

My soul has a voice. My inner self is expressing. I am letting out my fears, my shames, my worries, my lies, my outside lies. I am letting my true self show the next steps of my gifts, of my desires, of my dreams.

 don’t need to borrow people’s dreams that are thrown in our faces on social media! I will not be easily high-jacked from myself.

These moments give the juice to the soul. After going through the clearing, the healing of my blockages, the realisation of these hidden truths, the sky is now clearing…

These blockages are heavy and impeding you to go to the next step of the journey. Start to have a clearer vision of what is hiding in your deep self.

When you do, you get a rise of your energy in your body, in your desires, in your mood. You are jazzed up again, ready for the next step, with glimpses of new ideas, of new possible paths. Things that were out of your radar because you had clogged your inner vision with old heavy energies.

The shift happens as you walk your life. You are a new person and you just feel different but with the same body, the same personality.

You are shifting and then your idea of life has transformed. You look at things differently again. Wow, life is as transformative as you allow it to be.

Life has an alchemical power on you if you are willing to progress. To open your windows in your self to the newness.

Everyday is new and brings to us different energies. There is not one day that is the same to any previous. And so are we.

But we are raised in an opposite mentality. One that makes us old, older, grumpy, unhappy, feeling heavy… We need to fight to make a living because we are carrying such heavy weights, blockages along our lives. That is ageing us.

It’s funny as I am clearing my self from the heavy energies, my inner wisdom reappears, my gifts are being shown, amazing dreams reappear in my conscious mind.

Well I may have missed a few fun things and events in my mundane life but wow I have gained so much clarity, wisdom and ideas for the future.

I can see unnecessary stuff being sifted out of my plan, and the understanding comes in, and the guilt of leaving the past is cleared then!

I have gathered in myself.

I tell myself, “to keep strong in this energy, in this new presence. Keep this pristine energy,” as I woke up this morning.

I wish you all to have a commitment to your soul,  to find your way to commit and clear yourself.

Going to a special land is powerful but you may find another way that is special to you, you only.