A Call to the God-Goddess

A Call to the God-Goddess

Are you ready to ride this new shift? Yes all has been dismantled, everything has been disturbed.I found myself in the energy of fear, of shame and of comparison again.
I found myself feeling trapped in something that does not belong to me. I have been seeing myself jump to my ego rather than letting things go like I used to… Wow, what a regression! So much suffering, I lost the taste for the many pleasures of my life, struggling each day to find my balance.

That is the shift… The big one! 

Pushing out so much of the dormant ego energy inside, so much of what has been hidden… It’s everywhere, more than before. 

I cannot tell you how much I don’t recognise myself. 

Hello, Goddess, where are you in all this?

I cannot survive in a world that’s pushing me around, where I am trying to survive instead of enjoying myself, as I did before this shift.

I want to enjoy my life.
I want to enjoy the moment.
I want to enjoy who I am.

This is a stop to all the ego battles, to all the fights, to all the crap and all the low energies. I want to be in a place where I can see, where my vision comes back to me. I want to be free from all attachments.

I am calling the masters to help me and guide me out of this twirl of the ego.
I am calling my soul.
I am calling my god-goddess now to help me clear the situation, to find myself, my beautiful self, my beauty, my serenity, my ecstasy, my all-being-ness.

Call spirit to be with you at all times, more than ever before, to guide you through this shift where the dramas, the patterns, the unnecessary are much more in your face than before.

This is the shift we have been waiting for, for a long time. We got it babe.

This is our moment, we need to pull all the best tools we gathered. 

But also sadly, and happily, let me tell you that even the old spiritual recipes are shaken up. 

You need to dig deep down. 
Where you will find what you need truly and essentially. 
No tricks work. 
Only your heart. 
More than before. 
Test everything for you, what is working for you, what is not working. 
Don’t expect anything.
I know. Exciting. 

Don’t fall asleep on your old practices. 
Be open. 
Be fresh. 
Intend to listen truly everyday. 
Intend to discover each and every day.

No worries, you will be this ongoing transformative being. 
Training. Trusting. Knowing. Being.

Calling your voice.
Calling the masters
Calling god-goddess.