5 Dimensional Living Steps

5 Dimensional Living Steps

It can be stressful to come back to the school year.

I am taking on the stress of my family

I cannot do that to myself!

In my family I tend to do that with everything.

I feel all they feel.

When I am well, I start feeling not well for them, guilty, or hopeless they are not progressing … the whole package babe!

What do I feel is going on?

I felt an immense release that I am alone and free from my obligations as all have gone back to their occupations.

And that connects to not being able to detach from my family dramas.

For a mum it is a norm.

The norm is putting you off.

Off your route.

The drama of others is not your drama.

Very difficult to manifest for me.

I am linked to my kids through this fabric of flesh and love and emotions that goes beyond my clear understanding very often. Standing straight out of their dramas is such a big challenge.

It is your key for the future…I have been hearing many times lately in my meditations that it is time to live differently , the 5dimensional living is coming back to me obsessively…

It is your training from now to get into the 5th dimensional living.

1 – Staying out of the circle of madness

2 – Positiveness is not a joke.

3 – Act from the heart

1. People are raised in 3d-4d. It is very hard for the majority of people as of today to even comprehend life is not in this dimension. It is a belief. A belief forms your reality. That’s it. And you are awakening to something bigger, more expanded in yourself. You feel the ascension in your inner being and sometimes you feel you can live for a few moments in your physical life… These moments of bliss, of being one with what you live. Moments where you feel things fall into the perfect places, where in your body and soul at the same there is bliss. It exists. Woohoo.

And then you fall into this dimension of common human life, struggle, judgements, poor feelings of many kinds…Oh shit how do I not fall into that?

How can I maintain that energy of bliss I just felt in my heart but also in my physical life for a short moment?

Oops there is work ahead.

Being aware as much as you can.

3d is totally physical.

4d is the dimension of your mind.

And in 4d your spirit is allowed regularly to jump in.

5d is the realm where the soul is talking.

As you have glimpses of the 5d in your life you are totally in love with these moments. They are bliss. Tranquillity. Joy. Not unstable excitements.

And your spiritual work is bridging you into this realm. At the beginning you just think it’s part of reality to have these glimpses.But it feels like now the energy of the universe, cosmos is activating the reach to it. Which is also giving us access to understand how we can integrate it more easily than before.

It is totally an opening of consciousness.

Of the worlds consciousness, and yours.

What do I feel in myself? Detachment is so key to this.

Live your life with an eye in and an eye out.

You know you are living a life as usual but be aware of your feelings.

And be aware of life triggers.

Watch it like a movie.

Always take a step away for a second before you react.

Reacting is basically a response to life events without checking the inner centre.

It feels weird but it is a key to re-learn life.

We are all raised in the reaction mode.

And that puts us directly into the human drama.

And separation.

I then separate from myself.

I react and not act fully from the inner decision of my heart and soul.

It feels fastidious. It takes a few days to progress. Progress is so good. You are enlightening your life as you go.

Detach. Not react. Feel . Act.

Feel. Regularly.

It will become a second nature, and hopefully natural to do at first.

Stay grounded. That is the usual mistake of light workers. We enjoy so much the spiritual realm that we forget our feet and connection to the world here and now.

And there is nothing, aha.

There is no bliss if not grounded.

Relationship to the here and now.

It does not mean go back in 3-4d only.

It means your life is living with a 5d consciousness.

Consciousness is all. It is creating who you are in all dimensions.

It will lift you from the dramas, the chaos.

The main rules to detach-feel-act are the basics to expanding your consciousness and letting it manifest.

2. Positiveness is not a joke. It is real It is the fuel of tapping to the best of who you are. And also to the best of life here and now. Not easy again. We are so conditioned to see the negative, talk about it and judge etc… We are raised in allowing, watching and trying to see the message in any event. Find your keys to stay positive. Or at the beginning find your keys to watch your negativity pointing out.

It is so funny.

It is unbelievable really how much the brain is looking for the negative.

Ok that’s the other real task…. Again this takes training. Not leaving it to the outside to do for you. Find some good ways to remind you.

Music, post-its, small meditations during the day, sport, giving, etc…





Find your bliss, expand it,

Believe in this work. Find the benefits.

Enjoy them more and more.

Share with like-minded beloveds.

3. Action

Act upon your heart desires more and more.

Train your gifts, your arts, your ideas…

Don’t let them go.

Live your life totally.

These are the few first steps

Warning the voice of the judging world is everywhere

Laugh about it.

Laugh about your mistakes.

Enjoy your bliss, enjoy the blessing.