‘ I have been a channel of healing energies and wisdom for 30 years. This is my passion to share the healing and the presence of the ascended masters and guides. Come along ’-

Karen Ruimy



You’ll learn how to raise your vibration and embody your soul, living in the 5th dimension. 

You receive healing energy all along your life journey, and become your own healer.

You receive wisdom and knowledge with our amazing webinars and wisdom teachings.

You’ll learn how to shift and open the field of transformation in a space of healing and prayer.

There will be Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and receive the missing answers so far.

You receive regular insights on “What are the spiritual energies of the week?” to know what is the collective frequency.

You belong to a loving community that will help you grow to your fullest potential!

Join our Sacred Healing Circle to receive a wealth of spiritual experiences and resources each month!

Activate Your Power Of Manifesting Your Dream Life

Saturday, May 22nd

12PM (EST) 5PM (BST)

Here’s how the webinar can jumpstart your powers for manifesting:

Everyday Tools for Manifestation
Light Activations from the Divine
Attunement With Your Higher Self
Master the Art of Manifesting