welltodo London

Mariella and Karen talk about their charity The GREAT Initiative and the bringing the fight for equality to young men's doorsteps.

The Resident - Nov 2014

The Resident previews the upcoming ZIK’R live show at the Union Chapel, Islington.

Psychologies Magazine

Eva Longoria, actress and Honorary Chair of the Global Gift Gala, joins Karen Ruimy to talk about beliefs and values, and what makes her feel spiritually rich.

The Hill Resident

Mariella and Karen talk about their charity The GREAT Initiative and the bringing the fight for equality to young men's doorsteps.

Audio: French Radio London

The interview with Karen discusses her life, work and the upcoming ZIK'R event.

Audio: Womans Hour

Great men value women: a school initiative talking to teenage boys about masculinity.

Islington Gazette – June 2014

The gazette covers the Zik'r performance, and talk to Karen & Youth.

The Guardian – June 2014

The Guardian covers the MPs vote on the development bill to tackle gender inequality.

The Guardian – Music Blog

Karen & Youth discuss being the only UK artists at the recent Sufi festival in India.

Soul & Spirit – April 2014

'Find out how these fabulous women transformed their lives for the better, and rewrote their destinies.'

Dance Today – June 2014

Dance Today previews the Zik'r live event.

Harpers Bazaar – March 2014

Karen visits and reports back from the Marrakech Biennale art fair.

Harpers Bazaar – June 2014

Karen previews the work of artist Eddie Peake at the ICA.

My London Lifestyle

Preview of the Zik'r live event.

Dance Today

Karen discusses her new show.

The Times – March 2014

A letter in support of Bill Cash's private members bill.

The New Review

Karen & Mariella discuss their relationship.

Stella Magazine

Karen is featured in 'The Complete Woman - How the stylish look and feel their best'.

Psychologies Magazine

An offer to spend an evening with Karen in concert.

Red Online Sept 2013

Mariella Frostrup writes about her support for The Gender Equality Bill, and the work she & Karen have been doing with The GREAT Initiative.

Elle UK Sept 2013

Elle explains their support for the Gender Equality Bill and discuss The GREAT Initiave and their work.

Good Housekeeping Sept 2013

Good Housekeeping discusses the Gender Equality Bill, and the support that The GREAT Initiative is giving to the bill.

The Telegraph August 2013

Karen shows the Telegraph around her studio in Belgravia.

Hello Magazine August 2013

Karen shows the readers of Hello around her spectacular home in Provence.

Serene Celia discusses Karen's life, work and inspirations.

Harper’s Bazaar

Karen discusses a new campaign, Great Men Value Women, which will send male celebrities into schools to teach boys basic feminism.

High 50 Interview

Karen Ruimy was a Paris financier who quit the high life to follow her heart. Alexandra McIntyre charts her mid-life adventures, from self-help guru to a flamenco dancer and singer.

Glasswerk album review

Gordon Johnston reviews Come With Me, and discusses the wealth of influences and rhythms sprinkled across the album.

OK Magazine

Mariella Frostrup discusses her friendship with Karen, and their charity work.

The Jewish Chronicle

Simon Round interviews Karen Ruimy: the high-flyer who gave up finance for flamenco.

Gaydar Radio

Karen talks about her debut album.

Giftlab Website

In the latest of their Tastemaker series, Karen discusses her own tastes, and favourite gifts.

Hello Magazine

Karen Ruimy & Mariella Frostrup discuss their Great Initiative and how women can make a difference when they band together.

Tatler Online

Pictures from the The Great Boodles Bangle launch.

Tatler Online

Pictures from the The Voice Of The Angel book party.

Woman Magazine

A look at Karens controversial choice to leave her successful career for a life as a dancer, singer & spiritual writer.

Mail Online

Coverage of the launch party of the Great Initiative's collaboration with high-end jewellers Boodles.

Female First

'Karen Ruimy - Come With Me', Karen's debut album is given a full review.

You Magazine

Karen Ruimy is privileged to have a Profile article featured in YOU Magazine during the launch of her new book "Voice of the Angel".

Belgravia Magazine

This article profiles Karen and looks at how and why she has swapped a well-paid job in finance for life as a dancer.

Matchbox Magazine

The magazine features an interesting Q&A with Karen and looks at how a successful financial broker became a dancer and author.

Sunday Telegraph

A brief Q&A feature in the paper discusses Karen's favourite part of the world — Scottsdale, Arizona - and all that it offers her and her family.

Voici Magazine

Alongside the staging of Karen's latest show, 'Le Cabaret Flamenka', at La Cigalle in Paris, American actress Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), expresses the extent to which she has enjoyed the performance.

Market Magazine

Market Magazine interviews Karen Ruimy about the transition from her successful career in finance, to following a creative path in dance and music and spirituality.

Le Figaro Magazine

A feature article in this edition quizzes Karen about her new album 'Essence De Femme'.

Gala Magazine

Gala Magazine features an article about both Karen's latest show 'Cabaret Flamenka' and the release of her new album 'Essence De Femme'.