Karen’s first book, The Angel’s Metamorphosis, is about her quest for spiritual fulfillment, and includes a great phrase: ‘the bulimia of false success’. “I felt in my soul it was not for me,” she says now of her work in the world of finance. “Everyone cared only about making money on the markets. All I cared about was meeting people and having lunch – I was a success, making money everyday but I wasn’t having fun any more. I always knew I was an artist, in my soul.”

The success of the book led to workshops in America. Again, Karen found herself successful, busy – but something in her blood was driving her elsewhere. She had taken dancing and singing classes since she was a girl, and it was a calling that could not be ignored. “All my life, dance was in me.”

Karen went on to perform and produce flamenco shows in some of the most prestigious venues in London and Paris, including Casino de Paris, Folies Bergere and the Lyric, Shaftesbury Avenue.

“I’m a mix between philosophy and spirituality,” says Karen. An avid reader, she cites both Jung and Kant as influences, as well as many other writers.

The Angel’s Metamorphosis and her new book, The Voice of the Angel, a collection of spiritual writings enriched by beautiful imagery, are profoundly lyrical and deeply personal. Closer to a kind of prose-poetry than anything else, they are designed to uplift and guide the reader, as Karen puts it ‘on the voyage of the soul’.


The Voice of the Angel

Flamenco dancer. Businesswoman. Recording artist. Karen Ruimy is all these things and more. Yet it was when she discovered her voice through writing that everything changed.

She found the strength to cast off the shackles of a material - albeit lucrative - career in banking and sought to unravel the secrets of that deeper sense of fulfilment we all strive for: Now as an author, she welcomes us on her voyage of inner discovery with her new book "The Voice of The Angel".


The Angel's Metamorphosis

The Angel's Metamorphosis

“Your heart is the correspondent of your soul. It knows the grooves of joy.”

The Angel's Metamorphosis was first published in France in 1999 and explores the spiritual journey taken by the author, often arduous, to try and understand what it is just to be and to discover the key which unlocks the alchemy of love.



Guided Meditation

Listen to Karen's guided meditations.


Public Speaking

Karen Ruimy speaking at Inspire'd London about manifesting your dreams.

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